ISSE meeting in Wellington, New Zealand

The global financial crisis and the National government’s assault on the working class

The new stage of the world financial crisis is driving a turn from economic stimulus policies to austerity measures and a deepening assault on the social position of the working class in every country. It has reverberated in this part of the globe, in the backroom political coup that saw Julia Gillard installed as Australian prime minister at the behest of the mining conglomerates, and in the National-led government’s fresh assault on working people in New Zealand.


The government’s cuts to education, health and social welfare, its attack on living standards through the increase in GST and draconian changes to labour laws presage the revival of sharpening class struggles. As part of the established political set-up, Labour, the unions and parties such as the Greens present no alternative to this pro-capitalist agenda. The ISSE fights for the independence of the working class based on an internationalist and socialist solution to the gathering crisis.

Thursday 19th August, 5.15 pm.
Meeting Room 2, Student Union Building
Victoria University, Wellington