Letters from our readers

On “Indianapolis GM workers fight new UAW vote on wage cut


This article and the committee letter that came with it almost brought tears to my eyes!


Has it finally started? Shall we be looking back at this point in history and say how it all started with a small GM plant in Indianapolis? We’re nearing the flash point any day now I think.


To the Indianapolis GM workers:


I sincerely wish you all the best in your upcoming struggle. There’s no doubt, it will be full of difficulties but I want to believe that all thinking working people will show you their solidarity and join in your fight, which is after all the fight of us all!


16 September 2010



BIG development. Hopefully this finds its way into the Perspectives soon, make sure this is really brought to the attention of party members.


Coley O
16 September 2010



A big shout to my brothers and sisters taking on the perfidious union leadership. This action is most timely and we should do everything humanly possible to grow it into a mass workers movement—not only across the auto industry, but across the whole working class.


I’m personally trying to explore the specific methods of treachery employed by the teachers union leadership in Washington state, Seattle and Bellevue in particular. Therefore this struggle is something I look towards as a learning opportunity for myself.


Reading WSWS gives a lot of historical context. If we are not to be fooled, we must study history and come to a correct understanding of the struggle we need to wage. Along with history we must grasp the fundamental Marxist philosophy that leaves no doubt that it is our labor—robbed from us daily—that forms the bedrock of capitalism and its real strength.


16 September 2010


On “Officials seek to prevent discussion at meetings on ‘downsizing’ of Detroit


First it was demolition through negligence, and now the process is accelerated. The negligent are protected while swindling, and the people are divided and are hindered from fighting against negligence.


John S
16 September 2010

On “Germany: Thilo Sarrazin and the SPD


It’s astonishing how very creepy stuff from the most buried corners of the last century is coming to life again. Thilo Sarrazin and his sponsors are channeling dreadful demons; to cite an example, the so-called Hottentot Elections of 1907 in Germany which the extreme right-wing nationalistic current won under the political guidance and financial sponsorship of the German General Staff of that day.


The two warlords, the leadership of the German army and the war chiefs of the Pentagon, badly need, as they had once needed, political and legal cover for genocidal wars whose grotesque character was and continues to be exposed by cameras which witnessed then as now what human beings find hard to look on.


The German Social Democrats led by Babel joined with the liberal Centrists to force an election on the issue of African genocidal wars in 1907, the Hottentot Elections. It was then that the German General Staff hit upon the happy idea to raise patriotic leagues and disseminate racist ideas as part of a conscious campaign which paid off in the short run in beating back the Social Democratic advance. It also demonstrated to Rosa Luxemburg feuding with Bernstein how “The recent elections to the Reichstag in 1907 unrolling under the sign of the German colonial policy were, at the same time, historical burial of German liberalism” which behaved much as the Nation and Mother Jones crowd does today. It’s worth noting that the Social Democrats came roaring back in the 1912 elections, the reward of principled politics.


Of interest as well is this process, how the military lacking political support for its atrocities in times of crisis consciously raises a rabble acting against its own interests thinking that it is supporting “our boys in uniform”, German or American. And so a few years later, Corporal Adolf representing Ludendorf and the General Staff takes an army indoctrination course, finds the money to hire beer halls, guns to start a revolt, and the ideology to guide a movement of thugs supporting warlords through the streets of Munich.


This is what Sarrazin and the American Tea Party represent today, a political tendency of the nasty and the mildly disturbed, of types who once listened to Adolf explain the army’s political line at the back of beer halls and sang “take it back” type of songs.


Toronto, Canada
16 September 2010


On “Conflict erupts between EU and France over Roma expulsions


What I find amazing is the lack of action regarding Israel when Palestinians are being brutalized and ethnically cleansed!


Parviz M
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
16 September 2010


On “Hungary—Fidesz now in power for over 100 days


I was in Hungary in May of this year. In the recent elections many people voted for Fidesz just to get rid of the awful MSZP, otherwise they would not have voted for a right-wing party. The nationalistic chauvinism they are building up—different from respect for culture and language, as relatives of mine there are completely aware—is used to distract attention from their repressive and antisocial policies, which are causing terrible hardship for many. Nationalism is also being whipped up by the ‘rival’ countries, such as Slovakia, where Hungarian minorities live. Ordinary citizens are generally conscious of the fact that they are being lied to, but they don’t feel they have the power to do anything about it.


British Columbia, Canada
16 September 2010