Letters from our readers

On “The persecution of Roma—under the Nazis and today



Sarkozy’s attack on the Roma represents a calculated program of splitting the working class into opposing groups over the immigrant issue using the Roma as the target group. That his popularity has fallen shows it is an unsuccessful program and not likely to help him stay in office. But, as you have noted, it creates an atmosphere where extreme xenophobic groups can build up their followings to attack worker mobilizations that will occur in the near future. Also, it is a sign of the fall in the worker level of consciousness that many workers and students didn’t take to the streets to protest this outrageous attack against a racially targeted group. The Left in France is much weaker since the recent cave-ins of the so-called Marxist Parties to opportunism and class collaboration. The Left in France and elsewhere in Europe faces a tremendous effort to form a new revolutionary party and to mobilize the people to fight back against the cutbacks.


Steve H
19 September 2010


On “Splitting Image, the final album from Supastition’



These art critiques are quite important; I yearn for contemporary art which expresses a socialist viewpoint. There’s only so much “Песни Русского Пролетариата” or Joni Mitchell one can listen to.


John S
18 September 2010

On “DTE, Detroit authorities launch legal vendetta against ‘energy thieves’



The legal proceedings against locals are done to deter them from mounting a resistance, to scare them to submission. But what choice do they have? Do they die in house fires and in the deathly cold of winter or do they band together to stick together and fight this injustice? The choice is clear. Whoever is not facing these problems of energy today is likely to face them tomorrow. The whole of Detroit working class must unite and protect their own, else they will face increasing attacks from the rulers. It is encouraging to see this resistance forming in Detroit—you all are showing the rest of us the way.


18 September 2010

On “Cuba’s mass layoffs: The dead-end of Castroism


I have to admit a certain gleeful anticipation at seeing how such organs as The Nation will spin this.


Christie S
18 September 2010


Between this and the rank and file committees in Indiana, I am more convinced of the SEP’s line than ever.


Nick P
17 September 2010


On “The global economic breakdown—a Marxist analysis


I want to thank Nick Beams for his presentation here. His analysis is very lucid, and very eye-opening for me. I really hope his concluding remarks about nuclear or global war as a way of global capitalism surviving and adapting do not come to pass! But I fear that Mr. Beams is correct about this, unfortunately.


Thank you sincerely,


Edward E
17 September 2010

On “Steelworkers union isolates locked out Sears Canada workers


This month Sears Canada, 90 percent owned by Sears Holding, which is 60 percent owned by Lampert & his pals (thanks to huge “buybacks”), declared a special dividend of $3.50 to shareholders. This atop the $3.50 dividend this past May. Furthermore, Sears Canada “loaned” Sears Holding hundreds of millions and gave the use of an $800 million line of credit to its parent. This is in spite of the reality that Sears Canada is barely making money. Pirates are at the helm, so why should anyone expect mercy?


Richey H
17 September 2010