Letters from our readers

On “New York Times publishes scurrilous attack on Marxism 

“Since Pol Pot and leaders of the regime that he forced on his people referred to themselves as Communists…we must acknowledge that they were, in fact, Communists.”

 Was it not Karl Marx who said we don’t judge people by what they say about themselves, but by their actions. 

Not according to the anti-Communist ignoramus Guy Sorman. That the New York Times gives column space to such a man, instead to someone who isn’t spouting garbage, e.g., to say a academic or historian, says much about the New York Times and its need to vilify and libel Marxism. 

There are historians and academics who know very well that the various Stalinist regimes that popped up after World War II had nothing in common with Socialism, and were based upon in one way or another, Stalin’s “socialism in one country,” i.e., national self-reliance. Well, look what happened to that national road, it completely failed. They know of Leon Trotsky’s Permanent Revolution theory, and that all the Stalinists and Maoists, etc., had nothing in common with Trotsky’s theoretical and world outlook. But as is the case with Robert Service, Robert Conquest, and co. et al, the standard has declined; I found myself reading one of Conquest’s works in a History class tutorial last week—I absolutely bloody hated it. No mention of Trotsky, nothing of the conflict between permanent revolution and socialism in one country theory. 

As your article points out, the bourgeois never stop to revel in hypocrisy.

Let ‘em burn. 


Chris F
New Zealand
2 October 2010

On “Spain: Ten million workers take part in general strike 

Really encouraging news! This huge general strike should galvanize the workers in Spain and elsewhere in Europe for the highest level of class struggle against the rotten austerity programs being implemented in many countries. It seems that even the Socialist Parties are carrying out austerity measures for their respective bourgeoisies—a long cry from the Socialist Parties before World War I. The Stalinist union also joins in the austerity team and betrays the workers basic needs without compunction. The workers need to wake up and fight “their” union as much as the rotten government! It’s about time they did! 

Steve H
30 September 2010 

On “ISO opposes break with Democratic Party at Berkeley planning committee meeting 

This article and the prior article by Jack Cody were outstanding. I think this is a milestone in the history of the ISSE. The comrades who participated in this struggle displayed not only terrific defense of principle, but they also demonstrated an advanced tactical approach to the situation with the planning committees. I look forward to reading further articles on the bold interventions of the ISSE in the US and abroad.

Ed H
29 September 2010

On “The stench of dictatorship 

These groups that the government disrupted and these people that are to appear in court were not advocating violence against the US Government or people on the streets. They were anti-war, not advocating overthrow of our government in a violent way. And the FBI went in and took computers, cell phones, and papers, etc. When one hears this on the news, one tends to believe they are violent anti-government terrorist groups. We do have freedom of association and political freedoms. It’s not a crime to be a Communist in this country. It’s not a crime to go to a political meeting, as long as people do not conspire to do evil things. This is getting scary.

Patricia G
1 October 2010

On “Even the Rain and the need for dealing with complexity 

David, this is a wonderful article about what sounds like an extraordinary film. Your discussion with Laverty covers many things that concern me about the telling of stories and how often that is difficult—especially in this era of idiotic films that copy and water down and rewrite the same boring junk, while engrossing and important real life stories are exploding all around us! 

Tell an important, human story well and people will come. As has been proven time and again, people’s compassion for the stories of others—human stories told truthfully and with seriousness—always draws them into the events and creates in the audience the desire to become a part of what they see. Perhaps this is the reason that modern Hollywood films have become so banal and foolish. People who are moved and inspired by powerful stories are dangerous.

San Francisco, California, USA
1 October 2010

On “Indian High Court abets Hindu supremacists with Babri Masjid ruling

First of all, thanks for clearing my doubts on this confusing issue. I was not even born during 1949 and was just seven years old in 1992. It is really a well analysed article, without obscuring any truth, stripping everyone from right-wing fanatics to so called secularists. Clearly shows that India is a secular country on paper. Whenever I read WSWS articles on historically famous or (infamous issues) like imperialist wars, Holocaust, Castroism, etc., I get a clarity and to say it simply, truth.

This decision and views of Hindu Supremacist proclaiming Muslims to be outsiders could well be related to anti-Semitism of medieval periods, racist killing against Jews during World War II, and many other communal atrocities. Also, they easily ignore the fact that India was formed only in 1947 and declared itself to be a secular country and there are states in India where the Muslim population is a majority.

There are no surprises that these fanatics praise Hitler for his “patriotism” and preach in their schools to the younger generation that the Indus valley civilisation was Hindu civilisation. Thank you, comrades for this article.

And one wish, I would like from you a thorough Marxist analysis exposing Ambedkarism, Dravidianism, recent currents of Tamil nationalism, and Maharashtrianism. 


3 October 2010

On American military policy and private profit 

I am reading the book Blackwater by Jeremy Scahill and I have been made aware of the profound control this organization has over American war policy! Not just Blackwater either, if they were to stop today there are many in line to take over the sub-contracting of war and mayhem for the world by America. Please try and keep this topic hot so the world keeps aware of the death and destruction caused by these devils of mayhem! 

Richard N
New York, USA
29 September 2010 

On the World Socialist Web Site

This is just a general comment about your web site: It’s easy for me to become beguiled by the ‘sophistications’ (lies, misrepresentations, overwhelming propaganda, sops to the intellectual in me, etc.) used in the mainstream and ‘academic’ media. Your web site, whether I agree with a particular solution suggested in it or not, inevitably strips the issue or topic at hand to fundamental elements. It’s a tonic, and I turn to it every weekday, without exception. Thank you. 

Greg E
Ontario, Canada
30 September 2010