Letters from our readers

On “Demagogy and duplicity: The Democrats in the 2010 elections


As I see it voters should receive full disclosure on all campaign-related funding sources—we are not a Democracy but our constitution sets forth the power of the common man; politico’s hidden agendas will affect us all.


Bill J
Arizona, USA
13 October 2010


On “Cheerleaders for the AFL-CIO


I agree with you, Patrick, that the large majority of the “left” in the US is hopelessly counter-revolutionary and are an important component of the bourgeoisie’s rule in this country. Their ever-ready tendency to form “pop-fronts” with bourgeois liberals is notorious and reflects a complete cynicism and disregard for the ultimate well-being of the workers and repressed whom they claim to represent, which requires a Social Revolution, not some temporary half-baked reforms.


This duplicity on the left is matched by a very backward political consciousness among the workers, petit bourgeoisie and professional workers. Only a portion of the college students usually shows some political acumen and only while they’re in school. Professional workers are fired if they take part in radical political events if they’re in industry, and harassed and fired in the Fed and nowadays liable to be fired in state jobs. With the high inflation rate, people are very careful about involving themselves politically even though the situation is becoming intolerable to large segments of the population. It’s an extremely difficult time we are going to enter which will require the very best in the people in the Left, the workers, students, professionals and unemployed.


Steve H
9 October 2010

On the Detroit Symphony Orchestra strike

Regarding the demise of music and the symphony orchestra: The same events are happening in Italy; the oldest symphony orchestra, that of Genoa is facing closure due to the desperate cultural cuts in the Berlusconi government under Minister Bondi. The cutting edge cultural expressions of Italy for the most part come from leftist sentiments and under the auspices of Berlusconi’s government endless cuts in funding has wreaked havoc all over the country! There have been endless demonstrations all over the country to express solidarity with actors, musician, dancers to no avail; the cuts go on, along with selling off the national heritage to pay for the massive public debt made by the government, who seems to be forging the road to banckrupt the state and place the nation in the hands of Berlusconi’s cronies and the criminal mafia...each day a new scandal involving Berlusconi’s PDL party!


Martin F
Romazzano, Italy
12 October 2010


On “Six more Boston public schools threatened with closure


It’s sad to see public educators argue with corporate hacks over who can better educate the children of America. These fools are armed with either untested business models or years of poor performance in defense of their respective positions.

The secret to effective education was discovered years ago in Finland and it is merely called 10:1 student to tenured-teacher ratios with each teacher holding a Master’s degree and making a decent living free from intimidation or threats. No amount of hypothetical rhetoric, new ideas, untested systems, creative bookkeeping, or innovative programs can substitute for this and no corporation can possibly turn a profit paying people what they are worth (have they ever?). The system is broken, the way to fix it is simple and clear, and we do not want to do it because we are run by people who refuse to pay taxes.


11 October 2010



On “Currency wars: Another phase in the capitalist breakdown


Spot on !!!

9 October 2010


On “No cost-of-living raise for 59 million US elderly


The reporter used the word “bipartisan” in referring to the Deficit Commission. Please—let’s stop using the language the state would like us to use—the language of propaganda. There is no such thing as “bipartisan” any more and this commission is certainly anything but bipartisan, it being stacked with billionaires and right wing zealots intent upon further impoverishing the average American while further enriching the elite all in the supposed name of cutting the deficit. Of course you know that. But we must be careful in the language and words we choose and avoid the labels and euphemisms being handed down to us by the state that only serve the interests of the ruling elite. Thanks.


Joyce Ellenson
12 October 2010