Letters from our readers

On “Obama lifts moratorium on deepwater oil drilling



This article is the perfect complement to the October 13 Perspective (Demagogy and duplicity: The Democrats in the 2010 elections). While Obama and the Democrats desperately—and ludicrously—posture as populists to fend off an electoral rout, their true class character shows through when it gets down to the real deal. Trite but true, actions definitely speak louder than words.


Lary M
14 October 2010


On “Chilean miners rescued after ten-week ordeal


I began to realize how unsafe and old fashioned this mine was. “Pigeon handlers?” Several of these men rescued were pigeon handlers. I hope everyone remembers back in the late 1800s, in the US they used pigeons to detect bad air. If the pigeon died, the air was bad. I’m wondering how many pigeons they had down there. Maybe that’s why these guys looked so good. One of the men in the mine, when hearing the corridor collapsing said, “Oh, no. Not again.” He had been trapped a few times before. I salute the rescuers. They did a wonderful job. Hoping that this mine collapse gets some serious safety measures put into place.


Patricia G
14 October 2010


On education cuts in Italy

Italy: Yesterday the minister of economics Tremonti informed the minister of education that there is no money for any reforms to pay for an educational system completely in shambles. For example, there is no toilet paper in many grades school throughout Italy and there is no cleaning services to clean the schools. The classroom sizes sometime grow beyond 50 children in a class. Many teachers work precariously part-time and face uncertain futures, especially with no monies being put aside to guarantee a decent living wage. The union leadership has completely betrayed the rank and file, only interested in securing their own greedy middle class futures. Along with the cultural realm, education is reflecting the attempt of Berlusconi to bankrupt the state in order to introduce cronyism and a mafia-based criminal slave economy. The CISL the union offices are being attacked daily now and slogans written on the walls of their offices in Milano and other places throughout the north! A sad state of affairs in every sense of the word!


Martin F
Romazzano, Italy
14 October 2010


On “Facebook founder’s gift to Newark schools: The return of the aristocratic principle


I wish that we could get David Walsh on the Charlie Rose show.


Richard L
Florida, USA
15 October 2010


On the World Socialist Web Site


The journalism at WSWS is wonderfully written and accurate. There are very few media outlets that still provide real news. Please continue the fight. Science and technology are bringing us to the edge and we will either glade down into a valley of peace and justice or free fall into oblivion and despair. Our species cannot continue living as we are for very much longer without drastic changes.


Kane F
15 October 2010