Letters from our readers

On “Seventy years since the assassination of Leon Trotsky



Here here brother North! Not only did you rub Mr. Oberender’s nose in the puke of his own historical absurdities, you have at least for me, disemboweled him as a Russian historian... he and his ilk, Service, Thatcher, et al. Hopefully he will now walk with his head a bit lower around the campus! Keep up the good work WSWS!


James B
23 October 2010



On “National Public Radio fires Juan Williams


At one time, I was a regular listener to and member of NPR. I considered it to be an outstanding example of journalism, which presented different points of view to issues. I stopped listening in March 2003 during the lead up to the invasion of Iraq. As you state in your article, the network’s coverage of the preparation for war was so blatantly right wing that I could no longer take it seriously as an honest news source. I remember hearing story after story detailing the Bush Administration’s point of view, military planning, human interest stories about soldiers and their families preparing for deployment, and so forth, but very little news regarding the opposition to the war. Like the rest of the mainstream media in America, NPR is nothing but propaganda.


Andy H
Texas, USA
23 October 2010




Conservatives purporting to champion free speech is hypocritical enough, but then there’s the liberals’ feigned outrage: It’s OK to kill Muslims, but we mustn’t make them feel like second class citizens.


Lloyd G
South Dakota, USA
23 October 2010




On “What is happening to the DSO is a poster child for what is happening to the arts in America


This interview is a prime example of why culture is on the SEP agenda and wsws.org has again asked the right questions. A culture war is being waged with money as the weapon used to deprive everyone of access to important cultural avenues far different from most of what appears on broadcast and cable stations as well as radio. To its eternal shame, the local WSIU university radio station axed the Saturday afternoon New York Metropolitan Opera Broadcasts from its schedule along with volunteer programs on Mozart and 1940s music to pay for the dreary mediocrity represented by Garrison Keiler. To its credit, the local community radio station took over the Opera broadcasts and the 1940s music one while a university that was supposedly a center for education and intelligence ruthlessly axed them. The same is true of current Hollywood film. Fortunately, the current generation of students is not as stupid as higher administrators and politicians think they are and really know the score—if you will excuse this musical pun. What is happening in Michigan with this really fine orchestra is appalling and a very significant sign of the times.



Tony W
22 October 2010


On “New Zealand government uses earthquake to enact sweeping new powers


This article was amazing. I am doing an exam in which I have to do an essay about the earthquake and this article has taught be more in 15 minutes than my searching on the Internet in two hours. I had no idea about the Public Safety Conservation Act. Many thanks.


Wellington, New Zealand
24 October 2010