Letters from our readers

On “Behind the Democratic debacle


Great article! Joe has cut through the spin and delusion that the media would otherwise have us to accept as “the reality”.


The WSWS is a lifeline…


4 November 2010


On “The dimensions of the Democratic Party collapse in 2010 election


Congratulations and thank you for doing all those numbers two days after the election. Keep up the good work.


Thank you.


4 November 2010


On “Republicans win sweeping victory in US congressional election


What an excellent analysis of the politics of this election—from the downfall of the Democrats, or what people once considered the Left, to the supposed mandate given to the Republicans (the Right). The entire piece was quotable, from start to finish.


Michelle L
New York, USA
4 November 2010 

On “The record of the WSWS on Obama



Most excellent! … I know quite a few of the previous articles. Having this in one place is of tremendous importance.


5 November 2010


On “The apologists for Obama and the Republican ‘resurgence’


Thank you, David, for a clear statement of the facts. The same apologists for the Obama administration are now frothing at the mouth over the suspension of Keith Olbermann from MSNBC, as though he were the voice of socialism on the air, when in fact he is of the same ilk as those at the Nation. The suspension of Olbermann is part of the smoke and mirrors being used to intimidate the working class. If a left liberal like Olbermann can be suspended, reportedly for donating to Democrats but in reality because the right thinks he is too provocative (despite the mildness he has shown toward the Obama administration), then the supposition is that those who truly oppose capitalism and the corporate class will shake in their boots. It’s all aimed at frightening working people into supporting the Democratic Party and to keep them in line.


Doublethink. Doublespeak.


California, USA
6 November 2010


On “Obama, Republicans prepare for joint assault on American workers


Patrick Martin, much like the famous detective Columbo, knows the motive, knows the criminal, and works backwards toward the crime. In this case, he knows the criminal (Obama), he knows the motive (more money for the rich, Wall Street, and the banks) and now he simply tracks backwards to the crime, which is a resounding loss at the polls. There is no mystery here. Washington has been in a panic for months knowing that a massive tax-cut billionaires was going to expire and the question was only, how can the Democrats let this happen and not get blood on their hands?

If you really think about it, the only reason someone donates $1 million of their own money to get elected is to game the tax system from the inside and if losing an election will result in the system being gamed by others in your favor then what difference does it make whether you win or lose?

Thank you Patrick, for opening everyone’s eyes to the real reason why Mr. Obama really isn’t sad about the election results and why on the morning after he’s sending roses and chocolates over to Republican headquarters in an effort to be friends.

The American worker has two choices at this juncture. They either need to do what was done in France or to continue their slide into Third World status.


4 November 2010

On the 2010 US elections

Reading the WSWS views re: the 2010 elections in the US. And how Obama gave all that money to keep the banks floating, meanwhile the citizens are losing the middle class, and nobody is talking about it—much at all.


During the Great Depression, North Dakota was in similar straits with the other states. Foreclosures, job losses, etc. in the state. The Banks of ND told people to stay in your homes, take care of your homes, we will get caught back up after this is over. People stayed in their homes, attempting to feed their families, didn’t worry about the foreclosures. After the depression eased up, they paid off their back payments easily due to decent middle class jobs. And the State Bank of North Dakota is a socialized bank, owned by the people of North Dakota. They are doing very well, they finance all of their state’s loans themselves, no worries about profits, they just have to maintain their accounts. Farmers, businessmen go to that bank system, knowing that they will get an excellent rate, and it is “their” bank. This could have been done so easily, people would still be in their homes, and get caught up later. The costs of homes could go up after this recession is over, which would mean refinancing would be good. Instead, we have this huge inventory of foreclosed homes that are bringing down the costs of all the surrounding homes, so the cycle continues. Thank you for your views. I enjoy reading the mailer.


Patricia G
2 November 2010



On “New York Times defends its coverage of WikiLeaks exposures




Interesting thing about the Times’s public editors: they’ve gotten progressively worse, with Brisbane simply appalling. The number one international story over the last several weeks has been the so-called peace process (hee-hee), specifically Israel’s refusal to stop building illegal settlements. One can only imagine the letters the Times has received over its biased reporting, yet Brisbane has said nary a word. There’s an expression about butter and toast that leaps to mind.


3 November 2010




On “WikiLeaks exposures deepen political crisis in Iraq




I liked your articles about the WikiLeaks revelations and the ongoing criminal occupation of Iraq. In my opinion, just one point—I think it is overstating the case to say that the Sunni insurgency has ended. I think the insurgency has changed tactics, and some Sunnis have joined the so-called ‘Sons of Iraq’ in order to protect Sunni communities against ethnic cleansing. The US is compelled to redesign (not end) the occupation as a way of battling the insurgents, and many of the Sons of Iraq are returning to the ranks of the insurgency.




Rupen S
2 November 2010


On “Australia: Warehouse workers strike over wages and conditions


This dispute highlights the collusion of the ACTU and the Labor government to suppress workers. That industrial action is only legal when to do with EBA disputes is indicative of this. Not that many years ago, a common tactic used to circumvent the secondary boycott legislation was to stage OH&S disputes at other sites in order to prevent what is happening here. Our beloved leaders would be only too aware of this, no doubt having used the same tactic in their rise to the top. The sad thing is, a genuine situation did occur last night at the Minchinbury warehouse in circumstances where it would appear that the company was deficient in its duty to provide a safe working environment. Fortunately the injury sustained was not of an overtly serious nature; but serious enough that it, in the past, could have been used to stuff up management.


John H
2 November 2010


On the Indianapolis GM Stamping Plant rank-and-file committee 

Congratulations on setting up a Rank & File committee to defend your rights and breaking from the corporate unions. I worked in a printing company a few years ago and had a workplace agreement under IR Laws. After six months the company told us that they were moving the factory and that new contracts would be required under law.




After looking at the contracts, increased pay, better shifts and benefits—a win-win situation and there was no union involvement. Six months down the track however, the company changed their position. They wanted to merge with another company and once again new contracts would be drawn up, only this time work choices had been passed though the Australian parliament.




The new contracts were draconian and when the union became involved they told us that there was nothing they could do and even when told, we had over two years left on our contracts, this would mean nothing in court. Then the union rep told us this was the fault of Asian workers.




This is an indictment on what the unions are doing worldwide, and we should all know what nationalist policies lead to, as the unions marched down the streets in Germany with swastika in hand in the 1930s all in the name of German imperialism. Is this the final solution that the unions have for all workers?




I hope that this is truly the start of an overwhelming fight for all workers in the US.




Julian H
5 November 2010

On “Top Chef: Is real drama so hard to find?


Nice essay. I’ve hated this trash called “reality television” ever since I bumped into an episode of Survivor back in 2000. And I cracked up at the line from the Project Runway producers, “but our contestants are fed at least every six hours...” One might think they were talking about farm animals.


Greg S
New Hampshire, USA
5 November 2010



On “Illinois uranium workers locked out over health care dispute


This situation is still ongoing, and it is now November 2010. Who can assist in getting David Cote exposed for the corporate greed he is imposing on this Honeywell plant? Can you do anything to step up the process? Please advise all of the media you know - get the Today Show involved...this needs to get out there.

David Cote is also now on the committee for our government that oversees the dificit. He may encourage Obama to use our Social Security Benefits for reasons other than what they were intended for. Of course, he has no clue what it is like for the elderly OR the workers in the plant in Metropolis. He is one of the top 10 paid CEOs in the country. He cares nothing that people are struggling and living week to week, paycheck to paycheck, to provide shelter and food for their families. He also has Honeywell employees giving contributions to PAC, and it is one of top contributors to the Democratic Party—so, is this bribery? Is that why he is able to get away with doing whatever he wants with no regard to the American lives at stake?

He is a monster, and has the potential to force things down our throats that will take away the middle class.


DyAnn M
Pennsylvania, USA
5 November 2010