Letters from our readers

On “No explanation for apparent missile firing near Los Angeles


It’s NOT a missile. It’s a jet contrail. Please see: http://contrailscience.com/a-problem-of-perspective-in-the-oc-new-years-eve-contrail/


Other than that, love the web site. Please continue to keep up the good work and know comrades throughout the world appreciate it.


Scott M
10 November 2010


On “Indian worker left to die on Nokia assembly line


The most horrific piece of news I have ever heard on the WSWS.


There can be no “ifs” or “buts” when it comes to basic safety. There should have been local emergency stop buttons without restriction on their control over the machine. It is not like the British Industrial Revolution where steam-powered machines were difficult to stop. This makes it even less excusable to omit such a basic safety facility. If companies are prepared to neglect this simply to keep the production process going, it shows no regards of unrestrained capitalism, to the people who actually produced the wealth.


I notice with interest that it is at the top of the search list on Google (search terms “Nokia India worker death”) therefore the WSWS appears to have the most respect and authority over this matter.


I hope that the one good thing that can result from this is increased consciousness amongst those working in the Nokia factory (and the working class elsewhere in India) of a socialist alternative. What happened on Sunday October 31 was the most naked—and disgusting—expression of the subordination to private profit above the needs—and indeed the lives—of ordinary people (working class).


Ben H
Sheffield, UK
9 November 2010



This is each of us, I am mourning.


John S
9 November 2010


Thanks for reporting this. A poor person is no different than a piece of metal to the rich.


9 November 2010


It seems to me that someone needs to translate Upton Sinclair’s books into whatever language these people read. This is horrible. I don’t blame these people for their anger. But unless they join together, nothing will ever change.


I used to work at a well-known pizza packing plant in the northeastern US. One machine was not working correctly, a worker reached into the machine, and it cut off one of his fingers. This machine was filled with pepperonis, long 8’ pepperonis that the machine was cutting for pizzas. Blood was splattered all over these pepperonis. The management had someone take these out of the machine, take them back into a private area, wash them off, and bring them back out as clean, never used pepperonis. They sliced up these pepperonis in the same machine, after it was washed out. The profit margin is most important in our world now.


Patricia G
9 November 2010

On “The apologists for Obama and the Republican ‘resurgence’


This is an eloquent, no-pulled-punches piece that brings it all together, a warning of what to expect and what to do about it. Now for a few comments.


Thanks to all the WSWS reporters and commentators who contributed consistently excellent coverage of this election cycle. I especially want to thank Patrick Martin for his day-by-day reportage.


Even before all the votes had been counted, Obama and the Democrats were quick to accept without challenge the media/Republican spin on the election results by vowing to take a more rightward course. Yet just a few days later, a New York Times perusal of exit polls showed that, far from being an overwhelming embrace of the Republicans, the Tea Party and their reactionary agenda, voters had equally unfavorable opinions of both the Democrats (53 percent) and Republicans (52 percent); were divided or fragmented on issues like health care, spending, the deficit and support or opposition to Obama; and they blamed Wall Street, Bush and Obama in descending order for the economic crisis.


Whatever confusion they may reveal, the polls show anything but a ringing endorsement of a right-wing agenda. Moreover, these were polls of those who actually voted. We can safely assume that the millions who stayed home did not abstain because Obama and the Democrats were “too far to the left.”


As if in anticipation of these findings, the rush to “bipartisanship” and “cooperation” preempted any serious Democratic resistance to the upcoming assault.


As for Eric Alterman—the most insufferable in a very competitive field—his stock-in-trade for explaining past Democratic defeats has been to blame Ralph Nader. Lacking his usual whipping boy, this insulated elitist must now turn to the American working class…to blame it.


Last but not least, one of the best weapons we have to prevent the mass anger you mentioned from turning malignant is the continued reportage and analysis of the World Socialist Web Site. All readers should keep that in mind and give their financial support.


Lary M
8 November 2010