Letters from our readers

On “The stench of the police state at US airports


This article is spot on in terms of how the US prepares and justifies its “war on terror” in the same way that the Zionists have conducted theirs against the Palestinians and other Arabs. They stage a provocation by one of their terrorist groups (al Qaeda for example) and then use this attack as justification for a “counterattack” in order to “punish the bad terrorists”. This procedure on a massive scale, then, is how US imperialism destabilizes and destroys regimes which they intend to dispose of in order to get the countries’ resources.

Jim B
23 November 2010


The last time I flew commercial was 9/11, to see a friend in upstate New York, but of course I got grounded in North Carolina ... never made it ... the natives were friendly and courteous, as all humans are (mostly) in times of crisis. Sometime after 0900, the plane I was on got pretty wiggy, the pilot putting the plane down like a Navy pilot; serious yanking and banking, even for a transport jobs.

That I have not flown since is not some sort of statement, as I have not had opportunity to do so. But I recall that 0630 gate call, minimum security scan to gate, the usual emotional parting with loved ones, and have seen all the draconian measures at the same airport since. Not a terrorist in sight, or even possibility of one.

Of course, the new measures are all horseshit, manufactured mental puerilism, not one rent-a-Nazi (who only do their jobs to put food on the table) could ever catch a real “terrorist” or anyone else, just measures to intimidate the innocent and perpetuate a continuous climate of fear and more so than that, a Big Brother ethos of vague dread. A better allusion is perhaps Kafka’s The Trial.

Rob M
23 November 2010


On “Bush on NBC: Rehabilitating a war criminal

I just wanted to commend Patrick Martin on an exceptionally well-written article that is both thoughtful and insightful. It is a true relief to finally have the luxury of reading an article by an author who is unafraid to (gasp!) tell the truth. With so many news outlets reporting their fictionalized accounts of world events, Mr. Martin’s piece is a long-overdue breath of fresh air.

Best regards,
George S
22 November 2010

On “Rescuers preparing for ‘loss of life’ in New Zealand mine disaster

You might wish to repost Harold Heater’s moving poem “Twenty Nine,” written in honor of the 29 workers who died at the Upper Big Branch Mine in West Virginia last April. This, to prepare ourselves for the worst. Massey energy company has yet to pay for its crimes, and continue to intimidate the workers and residents in the area.

There doesn’t seem to be a week that goes by without a report of numerous mine workers dying around the world.

It would make sense to translate this poem into every language.

Chinese miners, American miners, New Zealand miners; this suffering and unites them in a common necessity: organize and take over the operation of the mines themselves.

Randy R
Arizona, USA
23 November 2010

On “Lead poisoning kills hundreds of children in Nigeria

It wasn’t lead poisoning that killed children - it was gross government neglect. Videos from the region show the workers covered in mud, in abysmal conditions, with no protections, no health services, and the overseers (working for western speculators) are the local Nigerian bosses. The media makes a great mistake by saying that lead somehow attacked children and that informal gold digging is to blame.

Lisa V
22 November 2010


On “The ‘cool little cluster’ that is Mose Allison’s brain

Thank you so much for your moving tribute to one of my personal favorite artists. I had no idea who Mose Allison was when I first went to see him at the Club 47, in Cambridge, Massechusetts in 1966. I just knew that “cool folk performers” played there. Mose was light years beyond the “folk music” that usually graced that venue. Needless to say, I was blown away. Tunes like Parchman Farm and My Little Swinging Machine, became lifelong favorites of mine. I was always somewhat amazed at what I felt was the lack of general appreciation for this intensely original artist. Once again, thanks for shining a light on him.

Ernie M
22 November 2010

On “Introduction: An attack on health care in the guise of ‘reform’

My wife lived a long time in Grand Junction. She went to the doctor there several times complaining of fatigue, weight gain, menstrual abnormalities and so forth. The family doctor there never ran any tests.

We got married, and as a medical student, I pushed her to get these problems solved. We wanted to have children...

She has hypothyroidism, an easily diagnosed and inexpensively treated disease. We are aghast with the medical system for essentially stealing her life from her. Her obesity has stopped escalating but is still a problem; however, she would not be this obese if the doctor in Grand Junction had decided to run an inexpensive test.

John S
22 November 2010


While agreeing with the thrust of the essay, I am afraid that one important factor is overlooked. The corrupted medical establishment really does over-treat, simply because there is profit in doing procedures and giving prescriptions. If you want to live, you had better approach the doctor’s office with a healthy dose of skepticism. For example, AMA types will almost never mention possible nutritional approaches to disease prevention and cure, even though the efficacy is well established. Simply put, there is no money in it.

Walter C
California, USA
22 November 2010

On “New York’s Mayor Bloomberg announces 10,000 job cuts

Once again, the WSWS does not get it. You see, by firing these workers the mayor is actually helping them and the economy. Money saved will go into the pockets of the rich and rain, rain, rain down on the unemployed and needy soon. If you don’t believe me, just ask anyone who has an economics degree from the University of Chicago.

22 November 2010

On the Victorian elections


One week before the state elections are to be held in Victoria the Australian newspaper publishes the existence of an alleged illegal spying operation used against construction workers at the new desalination plant in Wonthaggi. “Project Pluto” it is claimed lasted only four months between March and June of this year.

The entire union leadership is protesting loudly, albeit on a very personal level at the betrayal by Thiess Degremont. This is understandable given their compliance with anti-strike laws and the fact that they negotiated site agreements with the employer to prevent strikes from occurring. The union leadership’s only concern is with Thiess losing confidence in their ability to stop industrial action. It appears that Thiess is at an advanced stage in organising the smashing up of working conditions. The way forward for Theiss workers is to mobilize their independent strength and fight for the formation of rank and file committees independent of the unions.

John Brumby, Labor Premier cowardly states that he is deeply concerned. Theiss would not be organising these attacks on the working class without the confidence of knowing they have the support of the entire trade-union and Labor Party apparatus.

The only way forward for building and construction workers is to support the SEP struggle for a socialist program in the elections.

Rod R
20 November 2010