Pakistani workers express support for Indianapolis GM rank-and-file committee


The World Socialist Web Site encourages workers and other readers to send letters of support and solidarity to the Indianapolis GM Stamping Rank-and-File Committee. The committee was established to organize workers independently of and in opposition to the United Auto Workers union to fight the wage and job cuts being demanded by the corporations, the government and the UAW. (See “An open letter from the Indianapolis GM Stamping Rank-and-File Committee.”)


Send messages of support to indygmworkers@gmail.com and copies to the World Socialist Web Site. The following letter was sent from an organization of workers in Pakistan.

Revolutionary solidarity,

The Pakistan Workers Movement expresses our deep solidarity with the brave workers of Indianapolis GM Stamping Rank-and–File committee and gives a red salute to them for their courageous struggle. The Pakistan Workers Movement firmly stands with you in your demands and for exposing the UAW trade union, which is working hand-in-hand with the ruling class of the United States. The Pakistan Workers Movement believes that the action taken by the Indianapolis GM Stamping Rank-and–File committee is the only way forward for the workers all over the world to defend their rights from the attacks of the ruling classes and the degenerate trade union leaderships.

The struggle initiated by the rank-and–file committee will have a far-reaching impact on the working class across the globe. Everywhere the working class is being betrayed by the trade union bureaucracy, which seeks to contain their struggles. Your movement will be beacon for the French worker who is currently struggling against the pension “reform” bill pushed by President Nicolas Sarkozy who represents the ruling class in France, just like the Obama administration and Democratic Party represents the ruling class in the US.

The same is true in Pakistan where the Pakistan People’s Party regime collaborates with imperialist financial institutions to impose austerity measures against the working class and supports American imperialism’s neo-colonial occupation of Afghanistan and the bloodbath in Pakistan. The US and other imperialist powers force innocent soldiers of their respective countries to fight wars for more profits and to further intensify the exploitation of the working class. The Pakistan Workers Movement supports the GM Rank-and File Committee’s struggle and also demands that all US troops immediately withdraw from Afghanistan and stop the drone attacks on the civilian population in Pakistan. The victory of the Indianapolis GM Stamping Rank-and–File committee will be victory for the international working class.

With revolutionary greetings,

Pakistan Workers Movement