Mehring Books holiday sale

Give the gift of the WSWS

JournalMehring Books is pleased to announce that WSWS readers can now save $10 on a one-year subscription to WSWS Perspectives, a monthly journal containing all the Perspectives articles published on the web site.

The articles in WSWS Perspectives analyze the most important economic events, political developments, cultural questions and historical issues facing working people today. Including both a date-ordered table of contents and a subject index, the journal gives readers a retrospective snapshot of the major themes of the past month and allows them to quickly find articles on particular subjects.

The November 2010 issue, for example, highlights the latest developments in the world economic and political crisis, including the growing threat of a global currency war and increasing tensions between the major powers in the aftermath of the G20 summit. It also contains a collection of articles on worsening social conditions in the United States, rising social inequality, and the promotion of police-state methods by Washington. The ongoing occupations of Iraq and Afghanistan, intensifying tensions in Asia, and the social catastrophe in Haiti are addressed as well.

WSWS Perspectives makes a great gift for friends and family who you would like to introduce to a socialist, internationalist outlook and principled politics. It is also an excellent choice for regular readers who enjoy having an attractive, printed edition of the WSWS on-hand that they can continually return to.

From now through December 25, a one-year subscription to WSWS Perspectives is just $75. Click here to purchase yours today.