Letters from our readers

On WSWS coverage of WikiLeaks


Thank you for keeping us updated on the Wikileaks files. Can’t seem to find thoroughly examined information anywhere. The Guardian has had absolutely nothing new in it this week and now I don’t trust their views. Thank you again for keeping your readers informed.


6 January 2011


On “US corporations move to create a part-time, contingent workforce


Why can’t CNN, MSNBC, or Fox News tell the people this information. They just paint a false picture that has the American people walking in the dark. Keep up the good work.


New York City, USA
6 January 2011

On “Detroit charter school teacher: ‘I feel horrible, nearly helpless, and completely unsupported by the administration.’



I really appreciate an article that points out the fact that many charter schools are facing the same problems that public schools are dealing with! A few weeks ago, a Buffalo charter school teacher wrote a viewpoint piece in a local newspaper, in which she told the reasons that she decided to leave the teaching profession for good. The charter school was so unsupportive of her that she had to face a choice of either suffering a nervous breakdown or going into a less stressful profession. Incidents of student violence against teachers were higher in that school than in any of the city’s public schools, not to mention an impossible environment in which to teach all the way around. So much for the supposed panacea charter schools supposedly represent.


One other small thing I’d like to point out: public school teachers also have extra assignments, including hall duty and cafeteria duty (especially “specials” teachers, such as art, music, and library). This is not something only happening to charter school teachers. Public school teachers also fill many, many roles outside of strictly teaching.


Michelle L
5 January 2011




Thank you very much for this interview. Teachers live in fear.


“Unfortunately, being able to open a kid’s world up to culture, to learning, is a luxury that I don’t have as a teacher now.”


This is a very accepted sentiment among teachers who I’ve talked to. Some simply shrug and prefer not to think about it, some senior teachers I know retired early as the system just wore them down. These teachers love the students but could not deal with the situation any more.


There is a budget meeting tonight trying to justify more cuts.


4 January 2011



On “Texas man declared innocent after 30 years in prison

As difficult as it is to read about, thank you for your dedicated reporting of falsely imprisoned persons who are freed after years of American (in)justice behind bars. Eye-witness identification has been shown repeatedly to be the least reliable means of correctly identifying the perpetrator of a crime. And Texas appears to be a law unto itself.


California, USA
5 January 2011