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Tragedy of the Chinese Revolution

Mehring Books is now featuring Tragedy of the Chinese Revolution by Harold Isaacs, an essential work for all those interested in understanding the history of modern China.

Isaacs’ account of the 1925-1927 Chinese Revolution, based on original source material, is in the words of Leon Trotsky “a scientific work from beginning to end.” This failed revolution was one of the most significant events of the 20th century. It cost the lives of tens of thousands of communist workers and led to the destruction of the Chinese Communist Party as a mass organized movement of the working class. A study of these events is vital for an understanding of the nature of the Maoist regime that was established in 1949.

The events in China vindicated in the negative Trotsky’s perspective of permanent revolution, which insisted on the incapacity of the Chinese bourgeoisie to carry out the tasks of the democratic revolution. Isaacs’ account is a devastating indictment of the policies of the Stalinist Communist International, which betrayed and disarmed the Chinese workers through its alliance with the bourgeois Kuomintang headed by Chiang Kai-Shek.

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Title: The Tragedy of the Chinese Revolution

Author: Harold Isaacs

Publisher Haymarket Books

ISBN 978-1-931859-84-4

Pages: 385

Price: $24.00