Video: Queensland floods—“The government is not supporting us”

Part two of an interview with Wendy Smith and Lee Sheppard

In this video agricultural workers Wendy Smith and Lee Sheppard explain the callous indifference of state authorities to the plight of flood survivors. The couple narrowly escaped with their lives when catastrophic flash floods hit the small community of Grantham, 100 kilometres west of Brisbane, on January 10.

Following the disaster, the Queensland state government established police road-blocks around the community, declaring it a “crime scene” and preventing residents returning to their homes.

Queensland Police, acting under the direction of the Queensland Flood Recovery Taskforce, said this was also necessary to prevent looting and to protect what was left of survivors’ homes and property.

Smith and Lee claim the “security” was a farce and explain how their rented home and valuable personal possessions were needlessly destroyed during the official recovery operation. State officials still insist that all Grantham residents were consulted about their property during this time.


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