Letters from our readers

On “The US states’ budget crisis: Where should the money come from?


This is the best argument I have ever read for presenting the vast wealth that exists in our “broke” society. I do not consider myself a socialist but I do believe the private sector must fund public works rather than hoard trillions in liquid assets.


These figures in the article could change the debate if properly communicated.


Jeff M
7 March 2011



On “Letter from Detroit Metro AFL-CIO President Saundra Williams


My compliments to Shannon Jones and his exposé of the perfidious Ms. Williams.


I was “appalled,” simply appalled, that the President of the Metropolitan Detroit AFL CIO was exposed to weather conditions that were “cold, snowy, or slushy”.


Excuse me if I don’t dwell any further on these stupidities.


As I write, Libyan youth are fighting heroically—and dying—in the streets as they move toward Tripoli to overthrow the Gaddafi regime; they’ll be fighting U.S. and European “peacekeepers” soon if Obama and his military advisors have their way.


I feel great affection for these Libyan workers (and you can add: Egyptian, Tunisian, Bahrainian, Iraqi, Yemenis and more); and for the Wisconsin workers who are sleeping out in the “cold” and “snow” at the Madison state house.


Enough of this nonsense from Williams and other union careerists; it’s a waste of our time.


Let’s organize a General Strike based on the following demands, as put forth by David North:


• Total rejection of all economic concessions by the Wisconsin workers. Instead, social spending should be increased to meet the pressing problems created by three years of recession caused by the criminal speculative activities of the banks.


• Unequivocal rejection of any and all restrictions on the legal right of workers to negotiate and, when they so decide, strike to defend and improve their standard of living.


• For a substantial increase in taxes on corporate profits and the very rich to cover the budget deficit and the costs of new and essential social spending.


• For the immediate resignation of Governor Walker and his reactionary administration. Walker has deliberately made himself the political spearhead of the corporate attack on the working class and the use of dictatorial methods. The demand for his removal from office arises from the recognition that the struggle of Wisconsin workers against this budget is, in essence, a political struggle.


To hell with the Democratic and Republican parties.


Support the workers in the Midddle East and North Africa: organize a General Strike for workers rights in Wisconsin!


Randy R
Arizona, USA
5 March 2011


On “Wisconsin workers continue protests as Democrats prepare surrender to Walker


Teachers are concerned about the education of the students; that is one reason they don’t like to strike—but at this rate, if teachers and the rest of the working class do not strike, we will have no education left for students.


We must ignore the media and treat it with the proper amount of disrespect—they tell what the rich people want to say. They are in fact losing credibility among the masses daily.




7 March 2011

On “Ohio mother jailed for enrolling daughters in suburban school district


Of course, poor kids deserve only poor schools, with gangs and violence! And large amounts of public money spent on keeping them in that state!


Kamilla V
British Columbia, Canada
7 March 2011




Another example of American injustice. Everything in the US is a felony. American freedom? It’s all a lie.


7 March 2011



In Ohio, this would have never become an issue if her children were standouts in a sport. A game has been played for many years in public school districts statewide of “finding” open slots for those who can deliver a big trophy to the front showcase and positive media coverage from a locker room.


Richard C
7 March 2011