Letters from our readers

On “Wisconsin Senate rams through anti-worker bill


So the “Parliamentary Cretinism” turned out to be wholly on the side of Democrat politicians and trade union leaders. Well, no surprise there then. The Republican politicians didn’t let the law, or convention, or “good manners” stand in the way of their class interests. What a shocker. The degenerate leadership of the union/Democrat machine has become a direct threat to all of the gains made by the American working class. The only concern of the labor bureaucracy is to maintain its existence, and to shift the burden of the economic crisis onto the backs of the American working class. For which service it expects a fee. From ‘Lions led by Donkeys’ we have progressed to ‘Lions led by Jackals’.


10 March 2011


On “The Guardian’s hatchet job on Julian Assange


I applaud anyone who could plow through the ridiculously thick prose to write a commentary piece on the book.



Richard C
10 March 2011




A great article, however the book mentioned is so boring and full of sour grapes you lose interest about three pages in and it looks like the writers are more driven by petty quibbles than dedicated journalism. If I wanted petty gossip I would read the celeb columns on poor Charlie Sheen; if I want serious journalism about Wikileaks, I would not look in that book.


Heather K
10 March 2011


On “Pennsylvania farm family loses seven children to fire


Unlike the criminal elite, who go unpunished by the media, a hardworking farm family— enduring a nightmare of unfathomable proportions—is damned for doing what they had to do to survive. Ironically, if they were not working hard to support their children, the media would have crucified them long ago for not being responsible parents and presumably for being a drain on the public coffers (which apparently is only for spending on warfare and corporate tax breaks). That the media thinks nothing of adding to the unbearable grief these parents are suffering testifies to their inability to comprehend the realities of working class life. The children were playing with a space heater—that speaks volumes in and of itself. They could not afford to heat their home adequately, forcing them to turn to oftentimes dangerous alternatives just to stay warm. I wonder how many of the Wall Street elite, or their media goons, use space heaters to warm their homes.


Isabelle B
10 March 2011