Letters from our readers

On “Demonstrators speak out: ‘Heat and gas are necessities for life’



Heat, gas—these should be free. These services are provided by the working class, by their labor both intellectual and physical. The fact that some of the working class cannot pay for it is not their fault—it is an indictment of capitalism where the capitalist class pays a portion of the working class inadequately to cover even their most basic needs. In other words, the labor of the working class is stolen by the capitalist class to a degree that the worker is unable to replenish his/her labor power.


Under such conditions, the reason that the capitalist class can still create wealth off labor is due to the massive amount of surplus labor—the unemployed—which again is an indictment that they are unable to allocate resources optimally in their chaotic outmoded system.


14 March 2011

On “Bahrain: Gulf states intervene against mass protests


The playboys bring in the cowboys to make sure their midnight playground is not harmed in any way.


Richard C
15 March 2011

On “Pakistan: Government minister opposed to blasphemy laws assassinated


Excellent piece. Nice to see so much space and analysis given to Pakistan. Thank you.


16 March 2011

On “Massey has destroyed the wells and the water


Great article. Worked at WBTH Radio in Williamson, West Virginia in the 1970s. It is sad to see the state of this town now. When I was there, the downtown area was vibrant, there were three large supermarkets within walking distance (A&P, Kroger, Piggly Wiggly), a movie theater, passenger train and bus service, and so many people downtown on weekends, it looked like Times Square. That all started changing fast after the devastating flood in 1977, which was made so much worse by strip mining. I just love how this country has disposable everything, including entire regions.


Thomas G
Cincinnati, Ohio, USA
15 March 2011