Letters from our readers

On “German finance minister attacks immigrant workers


Having just read Trotsky’s analyses of social forces behind fascism and the stages in its rise, this article reads as an ominous warning. I felt similarly about the one on French politics the other day, the one which detailed how the ultra-right FN is growing, drawing support from the disoriented layers of middle-class liberal politicians of other parties and from trade union bureaucracy, bringing with them rank-and-file workers as well. We seem to be at a crucial junction: either a progressive, revolutionary alternative is presented to the working class and peoples of Europe and the world, or the ruling classes will once again harvest popular indignation with declining living standards and overall prospects, and direct it in reactionary chauvinistic ways, with incalculable consequences for human kind.


I applaud WSWS for providing that progressive alternative and support your fight for international socialism. Workers of the world, unite. The horrors of the World War II will pale in comparison to what lays ahead if we don’t!



Mirko L
25 March 2011


On “China and Russia criticise Libyan bombing campaign


Dear Sir:


A very interesting and informative article but it didn’t seem to explain why Russia and China didn't use their veto power to protect all their interests which you outlined in the article.


Could it be that US, Israeli and Zionist influence in China and Russia was enough to make Putin and HU go against their own interests?


Whatever the reason, the Security Council vote showed the cowardly, immoral duplicity of China and Russia as well as the Western powers.



J Voll
25 March 2011




Medvedev’s decision not to employ the Russian veto at the UN was clearly an investment in a strategic deal with the USA/Europe political axis. If such a deal fails to materialize then the cost of lost Libyan trade/investments and other political losses will go on Medvedev’s bill. In that case he and Obama may both be one-term wonders.



P.S. I see that the Saudi monarchy has sent messages to Medvedev already. Any major political realignment in the Middle East threatens this particular despotism. And how secure can this regime be with American military bases in the country and a New Western ‘Democratic’ Order emerging on its borders?


25 March 2011


On “Washington seeks NATO cover for protracted war against Libya


Thanks, Bill, a great analysis.

“The agreement to place the US-led war under NATO cover emerged piecemeal amid acrimonious discussions between Washington and its NATO allies, each of which are pursuing their own strategic interests in waging an imperialist war against a former colonial country…”

The US relationship with NATO is on the par with that in Afghanistan, the two terms are in effect, interchangeable. The role of the UN is much the same: a handmaiden, enabler and an apologist to imperialism, even more so than under Kofi Annan.

France jumped the gun on the invasion of Libya partly in order to out-flank Front National from the right, as Sarkozy’s popularity fell to below 30 percent, with presidential elections a year away, and partly to out distance potential rivals in a race for Libyan oil, resources and strategic position in Africa. A little surprisingly, Turkey, after denouncing the whole sordid affair, decided to join the fray, but, after all, it has considerable economic interests to defend! A veritable ‘thieves kitchen’.

What is so far unclear, is what prompted Russia and China to abstain from the crucial Security Council vote, expecting to lose any economic interests each had with the Gaddafi regime. I guess the whole sordid affair will be clarified in the next edition of Wikileaks!


NSW, Australia
26 March 2011


On “MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow lines up behind Obama’s attack on Libya


Congrats on a fully on-target analysis. Rachel Maddow is a continuation of the more overtly dour Christine Amanpour’s cable TV propagandizing of Kosovo and the resultant bombings of Serbia.

Of course their male media counterparts of similar “liberal” persuasion adopt the same approaches, bless their non-chest-thumping hearts when they manage to restrain themselves.


George W
California, USA
25 March 2011


On “Industry, politicians push ‘hydrofracking’ despite environmental threat


The whole lot of them ought to be prosecuted under the RICO laws. This is organized crime from the office of Dick Cheney, into the offices of Halliburton, into the chambers of Congress and the oversight agencies, right on into the governors’ mansions. The conspiracy is evident and the sidestepping of the Constitutional system of checks and balances has been ignored. It’s time to prosecute the criminals in our government.


Troy J
Arkansas, USA
26 March 2011


On “Nuclear power, private ownership and the profit system


Great perspective. Used this piece as a springboard for a discussion on my local public access radio show. The WSWS writings are invaluable in their clarity, honesty, and uncompromising intensity. Keep up the great work!


Adam C
26 March 2011