Public meeting in Madison, Wisconsin

Which way forward in the fight against budget cuts?

The Socialist Equality Party and International Students for Social Equality are hosting a public meeting this Thursday, March 10, in Madison, Wisconsin to discuss the way forward in the fight against budget cuts in the state and throughout the US.

Hundreds of thousands of workers and students have come out in opposition to governor Walker’s attack on social programs and public employees. The people of Wisconsin are overwhelmingly opposed to the war being carried out on the working class on behalf of the corporate and financial elite.

The fight is entering a new and critical stage. Walker is not backing down. Workers are beginning to realize that in order to defeat his cuts, the struggle must be expanded, and there is growing sentiment for a general strike throughout the state.

The response of the unions and the Democratic Party, however, stands in sharp contrast to the determination of workers and students. The Democrats are calling for “negotiations” with Walker, on the basis of accepting all the cuts. The unions officials have made clear from the beginning that they are willing to agree to the attacks on their own members—preserving “bargaining rights” after bargaining everything away.

These conditions are intolerable! The banks and corporations are pulling in record profits and the rich are richer than ever, but everywhere workers are being forced to pay through their own impoverishment. This meeting has been called to discuss the organizational forms and political program required to carry the struggle forward.

Meeting Details:

Time: Thursday, March 10, 2:00 p.m. - 4:00 p.m.
Location: Madison Area Technical College, Truax Campus, Room 142—Lounge
3350 Anderson Street, Madison WI
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Speaker: Andre Damon, member of the International Students for Social Equality, student organization of the Socialist Equality Party, and writer for the World Socialist Web Site