Socialist Equality Party public meetings in Britain

Oppose all cuts in public spending!

No confidence in Labour and the unions

A socialist programme to fight the cuts

Build rank-and-file committees to lead the struggle!

The Socialist Equality Party in Britain is holding a series of public meetings to champion a politically independent mass social movement against the savage cuts being imposed by the Conservative/Liberal Democrat government.

The £1.5 trillion bailout of the UK banks following the 2008 global financial crash is to be paid for by destroying jobs, wages and conditions while further opening up essential services to private profit.

Yet workers in Britain, like those in Europe and internationally, do not have a political party or trade unions that defend them against big business and the global financial elite. Instead, Labour-controlled councils are imposing cuts just as savage as their Conservative and Liberal Democrat rivals, while the trade unions sabotage any fight-back by their members.

The Socialist Equality Party urges the building of rank-and-file committees in the workplaces and neighbourhood committees of action to bring together workers, youth, students, the unemployed and the elderly.

We stand for the bringing down of the coalition government and its replacement by a workers’ government committed to socialist policies. Our meetings will discuss the necessary political strategy for working people to begin a counter-offensive against the government and the employers.


Saturday, April 2, 1:30 p.m.
Pyramid Room
Paddington Arts Centre
32 Woodfield Road
London, W9 2BE