Letters from our readers

On “Canadian elections: Deafening silence on Libyan and Afghan wars exemplifies all-party support



Dear WSWS,

Your article shows good insightful understanding of affairs in Canada. And you are right about Layton, too. He is getting pretty good publicity in mainstream media for playing the game, and Canada is being increasingly harmonized with US, politicians that serve plutocracy, corporate agenda, Zionism, and seem to have no qualms about our cruel income and wealth gap. What I don’t understand is the higher popularity of the Harper regime according to the survey polls, it doesn’t make sense; where do all these useful idiots come from, not that the other parties are particularly better! Anyway, please keep up the good job. I think you are a great source of information in support of humanity.


Ontario, Canada
7 April 2011

“Deafening silence”—you took the words out of my mouth. They are also silent about the real reasons why many will vote for the Harper Conservatives. Aside from the financial elite, their support base is drawn in large part from deeply reactionary, xenophobic and racist currents (along with right-wing Christian fundamentalism). They just avoid saying so in public.


British Columbia, Canada
8 April 2011

On “Divisions among imperialist powers deepen over conduct of Libyan offensive


Yes, the Libyan Imperial adventure continues to unwind. The participants have begun to play pass the parcel with the costs of the enterprise. And while the bombs still fall and the bullets fly, the alliances initial coherence has evaporated. There is now no agreed aim between the Western countries. Each of the main combatants strives to enrich its own position in a zero sum game of grab the oil. The political elites that have been quickest to see this ‘wave of the future’ are the Russians.

Right at the start they warned against partition of Libya(judging this to be the most likely outcome). Now they are warning against the complete disintegration of the Libyan state, as in Somalia. With the concomitant spread of actively hostile military forces to areas only a short boat trip from Italy. In this case the costs of the Libyan adventure will rise exponentially for the European states. Another interesting example of the members of various ruling elites being demonstrably unable to calculate where their best interests actually lie. Perhaps they should hire some Marxists? Perhaps you know some who would be willing to moonlight?


7 April 2011


On “Australia: Grantham—a community devastated


Just for your interest. The house you are referring to was our place. Unfortunately we didn’t have the luxury of being able to climb on the roof. And I agree with you it was terrifying. Thankfully we are safe now and recovering from our injuries.

We were rescued underneath the roof in 8 feet of water. Thank you for the article.


Marie V
7 April 2011


On “The German Greens as a party of war


Thank you, Peter. After having discussed the surge of the Greens with some people around my area of Baden-Würtemberg, I came to the conclusion of how misinformed people were as to the main motives of the Greens. People here are generally only concerned with their “clean house staying in order” regardless of the misfortunes for the people of Libya. The word “green” alone symbolises all that that the people stand for—cleanliness, thrifty, keeping my house in order, showing the Swiss how it’s done.

Bendit/Fischer and company certainly were aware of likely candidates in Baden-Würtemberg.

I hope to go back home to Ireland this year.


Philip T
8 April 2011