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On “The Libyan war and the deepening inter-imperialist conflict



Of the 28 NATO members only six are militarily active in the campaign. And the longer the campaign runs the higher its costs and the less likely it is to attract additional military support. A public break between the German and American elites was inevitable given their heterogeneous economic interests. Now smaller European states will be obliged to side with either the imperial troika Britain, France, USA or Germany.

Of the larger states Poland has already aligned with the German government. I don’t believe that the British-French axis will carry the day in Europe. The legacy of Western 20th Century imperial strategies are found everywhere in Europe, in well tended military graveyards full to overflowing. The growing dominance of Germany in the economic and political organization of Europe cannot be stopped by bombing Libya back to the Stone Age. It cannot be stopped by some reprise of past Anglo/French “imperial glories”. And as long as the EU exists, it is possible that it cannot be stopped, period.


17 April 2011


David North and his associate have correctly understood the dynamics of the situation that he described in this article.


In my opinion the US began to do an about-face on its initial support for the EU some years back when it was realized that the EU GDP would surpass that of the US, thus displacing the US as the number one economic world power.


Today the EU GDP is around $16.5 trillion and the US $14.2 trillion. This fact is never given out by the corporate controlled media because of the impact that it may have on the myth that has been created in the post-WWII world order of US supremacy in all things. In other words it would reveal for the first time that the myth of American exceptionalism is just that, i.e., a myth.


There is another maybe even more important consideration for the US power structure and it is this: The US needs to draw in about $2-3 billion a day in order to sustain the economy here, and that can only continue to occur if the dollar remains the only international reserve currency.


The intrusion of the euro into the inner sanctum of the post-WWII economic world order was seen by the power structure here as a call to arms.


What we are seeing today in terms of a very well orchestrated hostile US policy aimed at breaking up the log jam of the EU menace to American exceptionalism and world domination could not take place without the concerted effort of the UK Trojan Horse in the EU camp as well as the well known US agent of influence, Sarkozy, whose meteoric rise to the top in French politics was aided and choreographed by CIA Station Paris, which is, as I understand it, the largest overseas CIA station.


Great article!


Charles K
Florida, USA
16 April 2011

On “US House of Representatives votes to abolish Medicare


Surely you’ve noticed that we’ve been undergoing a massive redistribution of the nation’s wealth ever since Reagan. Who could have believed that if they just shut up and turned their backs as the poor were being bled to death, that the right wing would be satisfied? Of course the middle class is being bled dry today—that’s where the money is. “First they came for....”


Wisconsin, USA
17 April 2011

On “‘Sleeping on the job’ scandal reveals exploitation of US air traffic controllers


Just the other day I was doing the same reflection. Everybody is outraged by what’s happening, but no one ever takes the issue on an other angle. Those traffic controllers are human beings. If we don’t take care of them, we will have to pay the higher prices. Most of the time employers don’t think about the conditions employees are working. They just care about efficiency and that’s all. As a security guard I work the night shift, and I know what it is when your body requires that rest. It is a shame that in this great country of ours, where information by scientists and scholars is not used to create more humane conditions. I hope this sends a message to those in charge.


Jean D
Florida, USA
16 April 2011