Mehring Books announces spring sale

SaleMehring Books’ Spring Sale runs from today, May 10, through May 31. We are offering discounts of up to 50 percent on a wide range of individual titles and sale bundles. Take advantage of our many discounted items to add to your Marxist library.



Sample of the individual titles on sale:


Tragedy of the Chinese Revolution (now $21.50)
In Defense of Leon Trotsky (now $12.95)
The Bolsheviks Come to Power (now $16.00)
Literature and Revolution (now $14.50)
Art as the Cognition of Life (now $19.95)
Revolution Betrayed (now $9.95)
Marxism, History and Socialist Consciousness (now $5.00)
Stalin’s Terror of 1937-38: Political Genocide in the USSR (now $19.95)
The Crisis of American Democracy (now $8.95)
The Stalin School of Falsification (now $9.95)
Terrorism and Communism (now $7.95)
The Heritage We Defend (now $18.95)
From NEP to Socialism (now $4.95)
Political Profiles (now $8.95)
The Historical and International Foundations of the SEP (now $8.00)
Crisis of the World Capitalist System, Perspectives and Tasks of the SEP (now $4.95)


Save on these book bundles:


Socialist Starter Bundle (now $15.00)
The Socialist Equality Party Bundle (now $19.95)
Stalin’s Terror Bundle (now $29.95)
Marxist Theory Bundle(now $25.00)
Marxist Economics Bundle (now $19.95)
Selected Works of Trotsky Bundle (now $25.00)


And more ...