Letters from our readers

On “Obama flouts legal deadline on Libya war



That Obama “flouts” the deadline set by Congress is in keeping with bonapartism displayed over the years by both Bush and, in more extreme form, Obama. There is a strong suspicion, of course, that this growing tendency displayed by the present administration and the ruling elite leads inevitably to fascism and dictatorship, with some like Chomsky and Pilger maintaining that this state has already been reached. In a broader sense, these tendencies are underway in almost every major country in the world, a political and social situation that was present before the outbreak of WWI and WWII. It seems inevitable that an unimaginable conflagration of WWIII will descend upon the humanity, with unimaginable consequences, unless the global working class can unite politically and prevent this emerging catastrophe.


NSW, Australia
20 June 2011

On “Obama’s Afghanistan speech: An exercise in political duplicity


The imperial American strategy of foreign forts and fortifications is coming to a close. And for the same reason that the British invasion of Egypt (the Suez crisis) ended. The literal bankruptcy of the imperial power. NATO, the “greatest military alliance in the world,” according to its supporters, couldn’t find the 20,000 troops to ensure a military victory in Libya (see the military analysis of the campaign in the Moscow Defense Brief). The economic constraints acting on the Western imperial powers have become publicly acknowledged in Obama-speak (“tasks at home,” etc.). Certainly the American ruling class may carry on regardless. But in that event, even the current nominally democratic political process in the US will have to be destroyed, in order to further impoverish the American working class. And that process itself will hasten the end of American world hegemony. Will the ruling elites in Russia, China, India, Brazil, etc., read Obama’s speech as a sign of the strength and resolve of their American counterparts? Hardly. And if the sun has really begun to set on the American empire, what of its European “colonies”?

The economic crisis in the West has begun to rock the political foundations laid post 1945.


23 June 2011

On “More evidence of provocations, repression of Barcelona protests


This clearly shows that the class war, though still largely one-sided, is on, full scale. It also completely vindicates the old Marxist definition of the bourgeois state as nothing but a political tool of the ruling class for suppression of the working class. People filming and distributing these videos represent the (still unconscious) beginnings of people’s militias and our own (counter)-intelligence bodies.


20 June 2011

On “Canadian unions move to suppress strikes and impose concessions


Thanks to the WSWS team and their timely reports on the recent events affecting Canadian workers.


It seems that the pace and tempo of the bourgeois assault is accelerating. On April 29, the Supreme Court of Canada rendered its Fraser decision, which rolls back collective bargaining rights. May 1 saw the election of a majority Conservative government. On June 16, the federal Minister of Labour introduced back-to-work legislation in the form of Bill 5, “An Act to provide for the resumption and continuation of air service operations.” Now we are waiting to hear if similar legislation will be proposed for the postal workers.


We are without a doubt entering a period of quickening social change. So again thanks to the WSWS writers who record, describe and help explain the meaning of these events.


20 June 2011

On “The Fukushima nuclear disaster—three months on


[Peter] Symonds is absolutely right when he analyses the reasons why Fukushima has already been dropped by the mainstream media: orchestrated play down and cover-up is taking place, and I applaud WSWS for its continuing coverage and follow-ups about it. Exactly because human kind has paid such a terrible price in Japan, it is paramount that proper lessons are learned and never forgotten. Thank you for your role in this process.


18 June 2011

On “Wikileaks exposes US profiteering after Haiti earthquake


I wish WSWS would do an investigative report on Canada’s role in supporting the USA’s imperialism in Haiti.


At the time of the hurricane and destruction, Canada’s Governor General was Michelle Jean (who was born in Haiti).


Michelle Jean supported Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper in proroguing Canada’s Parliament, when opposition members were on the verge of ousting Harper.


Canadian troops took over control of the airport in Haiti (on behalf of the USA), when Aristide was kidnapped and flown to Africa.


The Canadian International Aid Agency (CIDA), which was always benevolent toward Haiti, seemed to change to support US goals in Haiti, at the expense of the Haitian people. Please check the number of businesses from Quebec, Canada, that are exploiting Haitians.


Under PM Stephen Harper, Canada has been supporting US imperialism in Haiti (and elsewhere) by flying under the media radar.


Your attention to Canada’s role in Haiti would be a benefit to Canadians, who are being lied to, and kept in the dark, by the Stephen Harper Conservative government. And since Harper recently won a majority government, things are bound to get worse.



New Brunswick, Canada
24 June 2011