Hands off Libya!

Behind NATO’s war drive

Sheffield SEP Public Meeting

The Socialist Equality Party and World Socialist Web Site invite you to attend our meeting to discuss the real reasons for the NATO war on Libya.

The major capitalist powers including the United States, France and Britain, have sought to portray NATO operations as a humanitarian mission. The reality is a war— like those already waged in Iraq and Afghanistan—aimed at protecting the predatory economic and financial interests of the imperialist powers.

Not since the 1930s, in the lead-up to World War II, have the conflicting economic and strategic interests of the rival imperialist powers been so openly pursued as they are in the war on Libya.

Young people have played a central role in leading the struggles erupting across the Middle-East, Europe and the US in opposition to the calls for austerity. None of the issues facing the working class—unemployment, the drive to war and the steady erosion of democratic rights—can be resolved without such struggles and the development of a mass socialist movement.

Our meeting will examine the underlying driving forces behind the escalation of war and militarism and the necessity for a socialist and internationalist response by the international working class.

Sunday 12 June, 12 noon
Al-Arabi Restaurant
Spital Hill
Sheffield S4 7LD