Letters from our readers

On “Political lessons of the Strauss-Kahn affair



Even if one were to ignore who Strauss-Kahn is, ignore everything else about this case, the facts in this passage alone should call into question the validity of the accusation:


“The complaining witness has lost all credibility after the prosecution’s public admission that she lied to the grand jury about the events surrounding the alleged assault, lied in the past about another rape allegation, and discussed with her boyfriend, a jailed drug trafficker, the prospects for financial gain from the case.”


That it matters not a whit that the witness lied about the events themselves in certain circles is alarming at least! On every level, this is reprehensible; as for the “seriousness of rape”—yes, it is a very serious crime—and to falsely accuse someone of it makes it that much more difficult to prosecute genuine cases of it.


In ignoring the facts here, these proponents of identity politics make life difficult for the real victims of rape, which is in keeping with their general disregard for democratic rights.


Christie S
Washington, USA
4 July 2011


Yes, you are quite correct in your assertion that this is indeed a very historic and important development in world affairs.


I think that you have put your finger correctly on the nub of the issue by stating clearly that:


“The implication of this position for democratic rights is staggering. Axelson writes as if the Fourth, Fifth, Sixth, Seventh and Eighth amendments to the US Constitution do not exist. The long and bitter struggle to protect individuals from vindictive and unjust prosecution by the state matters nothing to her.

“Anyone accused of rape, as far as Axelson is concerned, should not be allowed to challenge the credibility of the testimony against him. Nothing remains of the presumption of innocence. Ms. Axelson does not seem to know, and certainly does not care, that it is the task of the prosecution in a criminal case to prove the guilt of the defendant beyond a reasonable doubt. For Axelson and her ilk, the charge of rape is self-validating and above all criticism.”


A climate of fear and terror along such perverse new lines is now possible.


There seems to be the absolute need in America today to be continually exploiting fears of every sort in an effort to keep people psychologically off balance and incapable of not only mounting any serious challenge to the current status quo but from even entertaining the thought of doing so.


The collapse of the Stalinist-led left into a new form of active fascism that neo-liberal identity politics has bought into is a threat to basic civil liberties.


However, such gender related lynch mob reasoning has been and will continue to be carefully cultivated as exploited to justify at every opportunity wars of aggression overseas.


This in and of itself should give some sense of the extreme gravity of the present world situation.


I thank the WSWS for having the intellectual as well as moral character to be able to clearly and carefully enunciate the issues involved.


Charles K
Florida, USA
4 July 2011

On “New York rape case against former IMF chief collapses




You have every right to crow. Even I was convinced of Strauss-Kahn’s guilt and my default position has always been to disbelieve everything I read in the Times. At least I was right!


3 July 2011

On “How the SWP in Britain cover for the betrayals of the trade union bureaucracy


Dear SEP (Britain) / WSWS,


Thanks for the article uncovering the anti-Marxist nature of “Marxism 2011” and the SWP. The SWP are rushing to bolster the positions of top bureaucrats including Unite’s Len McCluskey, Mark Serwotka of the PCS and Billy Hayes of CWU, just as millions of workers are beginning to see through their posturing. All the unions are working with the councils and the government to push through the government cuts, while a few of the smaller unions allow their members to let off some steam through token strikes.


Far from training young people to distinguish true revolutionary activity from opportunist manoeuvring, the SWP do the opposite—parading professional opportunists as “working class leaders”.


4 July 2011

On “Connecticut workers oppose union-backed concessions


I saw our budget cut in the state of Washington. Our community colleges have raised their tuition by 12 percent, cut financial aid, cut programs. Our colleges are laying off teachers because of the budget cuts. We are closing some of our state parks. I feel that it really doesn’t matter who is in power, Democrat or Republican, they both work for the elite. I watch our educational system crumble, our community colleges are merging with private colleges like Heritage University. I say now is the time to get behind SEP and build the party.


Washington, USA
4 July 2011