Letters from our readers

On “Government strike-breaking against Verizon workers


There is my strong solidarity in this strike. And I would like to give special thanks to WSWS for special coverage. I am a regular visitor of this web site.


Sachin R
Kathmandu, Nepal
15 August 2011

On “Oppose state repression of British youth


Applause! “For years these privileged middle-class layers have accommodated themselves to rising social inequality. Utterly indifferent to the impoverishment of broad layers of the population, their ‘progressive’ credentials are based entirely on their championing of lifestyle politics and various forms of petty bourgeois identity politics.”

This is an accurate summation of liberalism in general. It is no different here in the United States. This diseased, ineffectual, hypocritical and self-interested liberalism must be challenged. The working classes have been utterly abandoned by liberals, and here in the states it is impossible to make a liberal understand that this abandonment is the reason why the Tea Party is now rising. I cannot believe how little support there is for the youth. It is very unpopular to support them. Sad, very sad...this analysis was dead on, thanks so much!


Sasha V
Pennsylvania, USA
12 August 2011

On “Parliament demands violent repression of British youth riots


The history keeps repeating itself: first an explosion of anger and frustration against the repressive power of the state, then a violent reaction of all the elements of the government apparatus, including the media and the judiciary, including strident calls for punishment, ever-wider police powers and punitive administrative and juridical measures. This is entirely to be expected: first, the repressive and humiliating official treatment, then, after the expected social reaction, more repression, punishment and an escalation in police and administrative powers, and so the vicious cycle starts, ad infinitum. The only way to break this cycle is by a revolution of the popular classes, and their taking of power. But this is a big task against entrenched power that seems now to be in offensive, but it’s a task for revolutionary socialists.


None of this could happen without the insidious role of mainstream media; they are the ones that sway public opinion and make the unthinkable, immoral and unjust, the “normal” and acceptable. Within my family and friends, not one has any sympathy, let alone understanding of the “rioters’ ” reaction, their “mindless violence” and “criminal behaviour”, in line with repetitious claims by politicians of all parties, augmented by the media. I feel, like many others on the left, quite isolated, “one against one hundred and ten”, as Karl Liebknecht once said. We now have, a war propaganda, comparable to that in the run-up to the Iraq invasion or the present Libyan neo-colonial war. And it is very effective; no doubt, they are getting plenty of practice, with virtually zero opposition, apart from WSWS and some left wing blogs. A few days ago, on Australian ABC’s 7.30 Report, there was an interview with an ex-police commander: I was ready to turn off the TV, but it turned out to be the most balanced view of all. He pointed out the years-long repression of the most precarious sections of the London community, the long-lasting unemployment and the social isolation of the young, despite efforts of the anchor Lea Sales to cut him off! No doubt, he won’t be invited again, but not all the bourgeoisie is united!

No doubt, the task of the Left is to organise, organise and “patiently explain”.


Mirek S
NSW, Australia
12 August 2011

On “Media demand mass arrests, reprisals against UK rioters


I fully agree with this statement/article by the WSWS; it’s also in stark contrast

to the thieving criminal acts by politicians and the expenses scandal…. Many stole thousands of public monies from the public purse. The sentences do not reflect their crimes, but a mere slap on the wrist. As said here, the crimes of Rupert Murdoch have yet to be realised he and his media entourage are free to go with no criminal charges brought against them. The media coverage of the death of Mark Duggan has been shameful in comparison to the other deaths that have happened as a result of the riots.… It’s fine for politicians and bankers alike to “loot” public funds. But if you are working class, and you as much as take a trinket from Argos, you will feel the full weight of the law. Remarkable.


Malcolm D
13 August 2011

On “Ex-White House counter-terror chief charges CIA shielded 9/11 hijackers


Absolutely most comprehensive coverage of these events I have found—Thanks!


13 August 2011

On “Once again: Why Obama won’t—and can’t—be Roosevelt


What you say about the Obama disaster is all objectively pertinent. But as the writer in the New York Times implies, on the subjective level Obama is a know-nothing twit. A man used to filling the considerable intellectual gaps in his cognitive apparatus with rhetorical constructions.


13 August 2011

On “Captain America returns to battle


Good review, and a wonderful line: Rogers/Captain America “is not so much a character as a sentiment.”


California, USA
13 August 2011