Letters from our readers

On “An open letter to Professor Juan Cole: A reply to a slander



Rah-rah! It’s about time somebody stuck it back to Juan Cole. The very title of his web site (Informed Comment) is snooty and impudent. He may have started out not too bad, but more and more he sounds like someone who’s been co-opted and made into....sigh....just another government shill.


John H
24 August

On “Obama administration moves to quash state investigations of

Wall Street banks

Now let me get this straight. Major US corporations pollute the environment, poison the economy, are protected from prosecution by Washington, and, in a government-sponsored “settlement” are offering to put up 20 billion dollars American, which will then go to “assist” the working-class victims of the disaster?

Didn’t I hear this story before? You know, it was, uh, B, uh, BB? BQ? Oh, I got it: BP!

So who will be the payout “czar” this time? Probably none other than the redoubtable Kenneth Feinberg—the best resume in the world at starving out the victims while protecting the perps.

Charles H
Texas, USA
24 August

On “Fed secretly loaned trillions to big banks

I find it amazing the government could allocate trillions of dollars for banks that were too big to fail yet they cannot find enough money to keep the meager and emaciated public programs running. I guess people are too small to care about.


It is infuriating to think about all the good trillions of dollars could do such as implement nationwide improvements to our public schools and universities, create back to work programs for people who have lost jobs as a result of downsizing, or help feed and clothe the homeless or poor.


It astounds me just how truly insignificant the people are to the government.


Brandon S
23 August

On “Biden’s visit to China underscores America’s decline

I think the new war is on. The government is pumping money out there to collapse certain countries in order to dominate.


Ross H
24 August

On “Police Complaints Commission lied about police shooting that sparked British riots


Shocked to hear this... why hasn’t the media taken this up?

Our own NZ Police will be watching this with glee.


Shaun P
24 August

On “NATO-backed forces move into Tripoli


I don’t trust the mainstream news reporting on what’s happening in Libya. It seems to be coming through one channel (NATO) and I take for granted that all Western reporters are embedded with NATO forces.


The only independent reporting I can ascertain is of Mahdi Nazemroaya (Progressive Radio News hour) and Lizzie Phelan (Press TV). They have been targeted by NATO forces with help from CNN apparently.


You may like to check out the latest news on Libya at Stephen Lendman’s blog here at http://www.sjlendman.blogspot.com/. If this report is correct, then the mainstream news reporting on Libya is pure fantasy. Hollywood simply couldn’t make up this story even if it employed Professor Juan Cole as a scriptwriter.


Jennifer H
22 August

On “Letters on the Wall Street billionaire’s party


A reader’s comment on the billionaire’s party—which recommended opera, symphony and ballet was over “garbage rock and roll”—gave me pause for thought.


I am a heavy metal musician, and perhaps your correspondent wouldn’t like the noises I make, but I make them to express how I feel about society and my place within it. Doubtless many classical composers did this too, but others often composed exactly what their rich patrons ordered. The ultra-rich wouldn’t understand or appreciate my music, but I’m sure many billionaires enjoy classical composers.


In short, it isn’t the art form the artist chooses which matters, but who they are and what they are trying to express by it.


Adam F
23 August