Letters on the Wall Street billionaire’s party

The following letters were sent in response to “Billionaire throws party on Long Island—other billionaires (and hangers-on) attend.”





Revolting parasites ...


“Disgusting”—literally, the word, I know, has to do with taste, but I think of “dis-gust” as more like throwing up—the only appropriate response, on site, to this gross spectacle. Comparisons to the ancien regime and others are not fatuous, just dead-on historically correct. Their class blindness and obliviousness are just symptomatic and have endless historical parallels, which you know better than I.


Nonpareil coverage/analysis—though what you (and all your comrades at arms at WSWS, our vanguard) do—exceeds this paltry phrase by many orders of magnitude.


Thank you for being out there—the only voice of reason/sanity in a very dark age ...


bravo zulu—


21 August 2011

* * *

I celebrated my birthday on August 13 by having dinner at a twice-a-month “Anti-Recession” community meal put together by rotating charitable groups at a nearby church.


I usually bypass the dinners there since having become sheltered after a spell of homelessness—but I went on my birthday purposefully so that I wouldn’t be alone, and because the dinners, which are a cut above normal soup-kitchen fare, feature fresh birthday cake for dessert.


I was very happy during and after the meal, especially as I was glad some people I had told about the meal had managed to find it.


As always, I thank you for your searing commentary about the extremes in our society Mr. Walsh.


Robert L
California, USA
20 August 2011

* * *


You should do a piece on the demise of the 40-hour workweek. I just talked to two young people. The young woman’s weekly schedule is: 48 hours at UM Hospital, 24 hours at Target, and 24 to 32 hours at a local printing facility. I asked the young man if he was going to college. He said, “No, I don’t have time. I have four kids and I work five to seven days here and five to seven days at a plant that manufactures truck beds.” I asked him how much sleep he gets. He said, “I sleep when I get the weekends off.”

Both of these people are personable, intelligent, and diligent in their work habits.


20 August 2011

* * *

This parasite spent all that money on the garbage rock and roll when he could have and should have spent it on either an opera, a world class symphony performance or a ballet or all of these. This is another sign that the American ruling class is rotten to the core. Let us hope we do not have to wait much longer for this horror to end so that labor and culture are victorious. Classical music should be required in all schools starting in preschool, along with basic knowledge of all other classical arts. That clearly will require the elimination of the private profit system.


20 August 2011