SEP (Australia) public meeting in Perth

The failure of capitalism and the fight for socialism today

The announcement of mass retrenchments in the steel industry, the airlines and the banks, along with predictions of another 100,000 jobs to go in coming months, demonstrates the absurdity of the claims that the mining boom would insulate Australia from the impact of the greatest crisis of capitalism since the 1930s Depression. Every section of the international working class confronts an intensifying assault against their living standards, social conditions and democratic rights.


This year has witnessed powerful movements of workers, from Tunisia and Egypt, to Greece, Portugal, Spain, France and the United States, fighting to defend their living standards and social rights. This signals the beginning of a new era of revolutionary struggle by the international working class. The critical issue is the development of a socialist and revolutionary perspective and leadership.


Following successful conferences in Sydney and Melbourne, the Socialist Equality Party urges WSWS readers, SEP supporters, workers and young people in Perth to attend our public meeting this Sunday and take part in a critical discussion on these issues.


Sunday, September 4, 1.00 p.m.
Victoria Park Arts Centre
Gallery Room
12 Kent Street, East Victoria Park

Tickets: $3/$2 concession