Letters from our readers

On “Demagogy in defense of the rich

This is the ultimate in cynicism from Obama. The only reason Obama is making these tax proposals now is that he knows it won’t pass Congress and that blame can be placed on the Republican-controlled House. He could have just as easily made these proposals last year. But then the proposals may have passed, thus upsetting those who contribute mightily to his campaign, or the proposals would not have passed but then the blame would be placed on the Democrats since they had majorities in the House and Senate.

Meanwhile, the Republicans throw as the old “class warfare” scare tactic. At least they remain consistent in defining anything that taxes the wealthy as “class warfare” but balancing the budget on the backs of the poor and working class as anything but that.

This is just another exercise by the ruling elite that should convince the working class that it is futile to work within the existing two-party system. Only by going outside the system will the system be changed for the betterment of the worker and the majority of the populace.

Maryland, USA
19 September 2011

On “Obama’s assault on health care


A few months after the election of Obama, I attended a great presentation by (I believe Mr. North, I could be wrong) at the Santa Monica City Library. He noted with cutting irony that the working people, or class, would be getting a powerful lesson from Obama. At least this worker has. And in spite of the clarity of those lessons, it is difficult to incorporate them into my life and behaviors. There are many reasons for this cognitive dissonance. Perhaps one may stand for the multitude of reasons for my own inaction. I am still registered as a “Democrat.” There is absolutely no reason for this. I simply sit and shake my head. The lessons are clear and the coming privations at the hands of the ownership class and their minions are undeniable.


It is incredibly difficult to give up the mythos on which I, and millions, have been raised: “Franklin Roosevelt,” “New Deal,” “WPA,” “Social Security.” all these powerful words and ideas have obscured the fact that an attempt to reduce the mounting deficit drove unemployment again through the roof, as the ownership class destroyed the New Deal recovery, which was rescued by WWII. Perhaps I am changing, with the great and good help of the unswerving clarity of WSWS. I am finally changing my registration and have recognized that I have no reliance on, nor faith in, “elections.” The change we need is in direct action. When it hits, and it shall, I only hope to survive it and see how human beings can re-organize themselves to help one another instead of for flat-out exploitation.


The article was a great help for me to cut out the cancer of the American Dream. A great lesson, indeed.


Stuart C
California, USA
19 September 2011 


Thanks for the informative report. Will you be dealing with Obama’s latest foray against Social Security?—eliminating employee payments to SS for another year and lowering employer payments will allow more phony rationale for cutting SS because, supposedly, the “gift” to workers will have caused “underfunding.”

It’s quite diabolical on the president’s part. And transparently calculated—without so much as a meow from such as NYT’s Paul Krugman.


George W
California, USA
16 September 2011

On “US embassy and NATO headquarters in Kabul under fire


Thank you for this informative article. The high-profile and spectacular attacks on the US embassy and NATO headquarters in Kabul demonstrate the utter failure of the US/NATO occupation authorities and their quisling, Karzai, to establish any kind of secure regime.


These attacks make me wonder just how much of the anti-occupation militants are strict Taliban, and how much is nationalist or patriotic resistance. Every foreign occupation breeds indigenous resistance, and I think that Afghanistan is no exception.


While there are the fanatical, book-burning ultra-misogynist Taliban, there must be Afghans resisting the occupation for nationalistic reasons. While I do not wish victory for the Taliban, the NATO occupiers have foisted an alternative group of narco-trafficking warlords and religious fanatics on the country. After all, it was the Taliban that grabbed the former and last communist president of the country in 1996, killed him and hung up his corpse in public, citing the fact that he was an atheist and communist. Yes, how horrifying—not believing in a mythical supernatural deity.


Rupen S
14 September 2011

On “European finance ministers delay loan, press Greece for deeper cuts

The continuing barbarism inflicted boldly and without shame on the Greek people will produce one thing: Revolt! As much as the capitalist fears socialism, the capitalist will produce it. Between now and then is struggle.


It is best said by the Tao Te Ching (trans: Merel):


75. Rebellion
When rulers take grain so that they may feast,
Their people become hungry;
When rulers take action to serve their own interests,
Their people become rebellious;
When rulers take lives so that their own lives are maintained,
Their people no longer fear death.

When people act without regard for their own lives
They overcome those who value only their own lives.



The Greek people, and all peoples meeting the oppression of financial terrorism, will overcome. The rulers feast, the people starve. In acts of self-interest, the people are abandoned. Facing death, the people no longer fear it. The rulers are overcome.


The Greek people, and all peoples meeting the oppression of financial terrorism, will be victorious.


Michael B
Maine, USA
17 September 2011