Letters from our readers

On “Demagogy in defense of the rich


This is the ultimate in cynicism from Obama. The only reason Obama is making these tax proposals now is that he knows it won’t pass Congress and that blame can be placed on the Republican-controlled House. He could have just as easily made these proposals last year. But then the proposals may have passed, thus upsetting those who contribute mightily to his campaign, or the proposals would not have passed but then the blame would be placed on the Democrats since they had majorities in the House and Senate.


Meanwhile, the Republicans throw us the old “class warfare” scare tactic. At least they remain consistent in defining anything that taxes the wealthy as “class warfare” but balancing the budget on the backs of the poor and working class as anything but that.


This is just another exercise by the ruling elite that should convince the working class that it is futile to work within the existing two-party system. Only by going outside the system will the system be changed for the betterment of the worker and the majority of the populace.



Maryland, USA
19 September 2011


On “Germany’s Left Party leaders reveal extent of their austerity policies


Lots of people where radicalised in the 1970s. And many of those could see that a good living could be made mouthing left-wing phrases while dancing the reformist twaddle. And of course the process ends with obligatory meetings for “bunker talk”. The old “radicals” mouth old capitalist nostrums and never cease stating that they were right all along. Well that’s the Faustian plot for you. Working without regret to make yourself a human nothing.


20 September 2011


On “Case of jailed Americans highlights infighting in Iranian regime


Quotation marks in “trying to cheat us” may be justified because this may be a quotation (?), but they may lead to the impression that the author questions the validity of the claim. On the other hand, if not returning the enriched uranium handed over by Iran means cheating, as would seem the case, then the quotation represents the facts of the situation.


Obviously the US and its vassals can always find 1,001 reasons to drag out any return.

In fact there has been ample discussion of the matter in which authors pointed out that the US was taken by surprise by the initial acceptance, and they organized the attacks inside Iran costing the lives of Revolutionary Guard generals in an effort to make Iran withdraw its acceptance. Of course acceptance and consequent loss of all of Iran’s enriched uranium would hardly have helped Iran in any way, the US simply making new demands and accusations—moving the goal posts, in other words.


S. Rhee
21 September 2011


On “UK students priced out of university education


The interesting article on British education costs includes the information that in the United States costs range from $6,000 to $22,000 for public to private institutions. This is quite understated. The current cost of Yale College tuition starts at $40,000 and goes up to $55,000 with room, board, books, etc., as reported by the university. There is a great deal of financial assistance.


Virginia S
New York City, USA
21 September 2011