The record of the World Socialist Web Site on 9/11

The World Socialist Web Site has an unparalleled record of articles and commentary on the terrorist attacks of September 11, their origins and political consequences. In the 10 years since, the perspective advanced by the WSWS since the day of the attack has been entirely confirmed—a vindication of the power of Marxist analysis and principled politics.

The following is a selection of a few of the major articles, statements and comments.

• “The political roots of the terror attack on New York and Washington” by the WSWS Editorial Board [September 12, 2001]

• “Why the Bush administration wants war” by the WSWS Editorial Board [September 14, 2001]

• “Anti-Americanism: the ‘anti-imperialism’ of fools” by David North and David Walsh [September 22, 2001]

• “Where is the Bush administration taking the American people?” by the WSWS Editorial Board [September 22, 2001]

• “Why we oppose the war in Afghanistan” by the WSWS Editorial Board [October 9, 2001]

• “Bush’s war at home: a creeping coup d’état” by the WSWS Editorial Board [November 7, 2001]

• “US planned war in Afghanistan long before September 11” by Patrick Martin [November 20, 2001]

• “Was the US government alerted to September 11 attack?” A four-part series by Patrick Martin [January 16, 2002]

• “Political reaction and intellectual charlatanry: US academics issue statement in support of war” by David North [February 18, 2002]

• “Cover-up and conspiracy: The Bush administration and September 11” by the WSWS Editorial Board [May 18, 2002]

• “What is bin Ladenism: Al Qaeda leader’s letter to Americans” by Bill Van Auken [November 29, 2002]

• “What the September 11 commission hearings revealed” A four-part series by Patrick Martin [May 1, 2004]

• “Five Years Since 9/11: A political balance sheet” by David North [September 11, 2006]


• “The killing of Osama bin Laden: Obama’s ‘historic moment’” by David North [May 4, 2011]