Letters from our readers

On “Socialism and the global economic crisis



“The banks and financial interests deemed ‘too big to fail’ in 2008 are, three years later, bigger and more powerful than ever. Their share of international wealth has dramatically increased during the years of mass unemployment and growing poverty for the working class.”


You may remember the accounting rules change back in the spring of ’09 that allowed the banks to essentially write off their bad loans (changed mark to market rule). The banks are insolvent, as many financial researchers call them, walking zombies. The treasury is also insolvent. The Fed is as well. The only money circulating from QE2 is hot or funny money. It’s not real other than that is has created another bubble in commodities and treasury bonds. And creates inflation and will finally create hyperinflation. The wealthy investors never had to take their losses ... which is the entire layer of bourgeoisie and elite classes. And their new wealth since the crash is not real. The working class would not be wise to want that wealth. It is the big banks, Wall Street and the Fed Central Banking system that needs to be eliminated ... among other structural changes that need addressing.


Colorado, USA
6 October 2011

On “Another NATO-backed interim government in Libya


Don’t all the pro-imperialist proxies in this Transitional Council realise that this game of musical chairs, removing ministers then replacing them again in different positions, not only exposes them as ineffective puppets, but makes them the targets of ridicule? The US and NATO satraps better understand that if they do not get their act together and form a stable, compliant market-friendly regime, their paymasters will chop their heads off.


Jibril, Jalil, Benrasali and the other clients have degenerated into a squabbling mess, fighting over the spoils. No regime imposed by NATO bombs and bullets can ever have the support of the population. We all know how the rulers of the Roman empire dealt with the squabbling satraps of their empire; the NTC rulers better learn from history.


Rupen S
5 October 2011

On “Tony Blair cashes in on Iraq War


Must you report anything the vile Tony Blair has done since departing the post of UK Prime Minister? The very mention of his name fills the air with the stench of stale blood and sulphuric brimstone. My throat and sinuses are burning and my stomach is feeling light and nauseous as I write this. More and more his reptilian alien genetic heritage is becoming manifest. You can also see the flickering forked black tongue at times in some of his taped speeches. At least provide some warning before you post any more articles on Tony Blair (cough, cough, bleurgghh!) along the lines of “WARNING: The following WSWS article may be injurious to your health. People below the age of 18 or with compromised immune systems should view only under strict medical guidance.” Thanks very much anyway for an informative article!


Jennifer H
6 October 2011