Letters from our readers

On “Mayor Bloomberg slanders Wall Street protest


Bloomberg is part of the Ponzi scheme known as Wall Street, and it is doing very well for him!


As part of the very small 1 percent, he is comfortable resorting to lies, saber rattling, and threats—that’s how they work.


Constance K
8 October 2011

On “Occupy Wall Street and the Democratic Party


With the growing public realization of the virtually unlimited influence of the financial elite in our “form” of democracy (it has been manipulated and hence altered from a true democracy), it comes as no surprise that the Democratic Party would try to gain support by falsely stating to be empathetic towards the protesters. With a plummeting approval rating for all of our government, both congress and the president, they are desperate to gain any kind of public support. This is nothing more than a ruse initiated by those influenced by the system of finance capitalism as a method of keeping the same failed institution in place. The more the movement grows, the more attempts will be made to pilfer the movement by so-called “empathetic” political party members. The reasoning for this is that with the growing conscious awareness of the people the financial elite grow ever more worried, and will employ their political lackeys to try and achieve a “shared pain” approach to gain popular support to maintain the current system.


Richard T
9 October 2011

On “Anti-Wall Street protests spread across the US


An elephant may flap its ears a thousand times but it won’t fly (Dumbo excepted). In Wisconsin the trade union apparatchiks and Democratic politicians led the movement (of strikers and protesters) into a dead end. Where it expired. And if they gain a leading voice in the Wall Street protests they will also perish rapidly. Consequently the Wall Street movement cannot be used as re-election vehicle for Obama or any other Democratic politician.


Obama, Democratic politicians and trade union functionaries have reversed the curse of Midas. All they touch (or claim to lead) turns to dross and dies. It’s a pretty problem for these petty people. If they intervene the movement will die. If they don’t intervene the movement may develop into a threat. I assume, by their actions, the apparatchiks have decided that death is the safer option.


7 October 2011

On “BAE Systems to cut 3,000 jobs across England


In the final paragraph, you correctly cite the need for the conversion of jobs at BAE to socially necessary production. To elaborate further, this might include sophisticated weather satellite equipment, public transmit vehicles and other transport related to the greater society’s needs. The retention of jobs cannot be linked to the war-making needs of British imperialism. The BAE workers hold membership in the ranks of the global working class, not as national instruments of military hegemony.


John B
California, USA
8 October 2011