Letters from our readers

On “Washington and Iran: The reckless policy of provocation


This is a ploy to justify preventing any cutbacks of the Pentagon budget or any other military budgets. Now Congress can look at entitlement programs and people’s programs and hack them up.


Who will dare question this? Their mantra will be “we must be on alert against Iranian terrorists not only abroad but within the USA!”


I recall the Mexican patriot Zapata saying, as he lay dying after being shot by American troops—“poor Mexico! So far from God and so close to the United States!”


Regretfully, I believe, most of the world believes it too.


Norma D

14 October 2011


On “Chicago Ford workers vote down UAW sellout


Shannon, excellent concluding paragraphs!


Heinz S

14 October 2011


On “American liberalism attempts to corral Occupy Wall Street movement for Democrats


In addition to reminding us of the deviousness of liberal, union and Democratic Party co-opting of the Occupy Wall Street phenomenon, I would appreciate it if WSWS gave us some detailed analysis of the ultra right-wing Libertarian element whose adherents seem to play a large part in dissenting movements in the USA. Some presentation of the role of corporate- and CIA-funded NGOs in influencing the direction this movement may take would also be timely. Thanks.


Kamilla V

British Columbia, Canada

14 October 2011


On “Politics and the international Occupy movement


Global warming shows that the organisation and deployment of technologies under capitalism has changed the atmosphere of the planet, a process that can easily prove lethal to our species. There can be no person capable of using Marx’s ideas on the relation between social relations of production and technical developments who doesn’t see the implications here.


We have perhaps ten to twenty years to overcome the problems caused by the subordination of carbon-based technologies to the profit motive. We may only get months to overcome the consequences of the capitalist subsumption of genetic technologies and days for nano. We now lack a necessary condition of every reformist strategy—time. As any Marxist should have expected, the development of capitalism has absolutely overthrown the possibility of any successful reformist program. The reformist movement in all of its facets is an invitation for humans to continue with their long walk along a short pier. One that is actually getting shorter as we walk.




14 October 2011