British historical document now available at Mehring online

bookMehring Books is pleased to announce that copies of the Historical and International Foundations of the Socialist Equality Party (Britain) are now available for online purchase. Click here to buy.


This document was adopted at the founding congress of the SEP held in Manchester, October 22-25, 2010. It reviews and examines the most critical political experiences of the British working class, centering in particular on the post-war history of the Trotskyist movement.


This volume also incorporates the Socialist Equality Party Statement of Principles, outlining the basic conceptions of the SEP and the foundation for membership in the party. It is vital reading for those who wish to gain a deeper understanding of the historical experiences of the workers’ movement in Britain, which hold many important lessons for the working class of all countries today.


Title: Historical and International Foundations of the SEP (Britain)
Publisher: Mehring Books
ISBN: 978-1-873045-99-2
Pages: 152
Price $12.50