Public meetings in Britain

The Occupy movement and beyond

Inequality and the fight for socialism

The eruption of global protests, sparked by the Wall Street occupation in New York, has given voice to the mass opposition to social inequality, unemployment, war and the corporate domination of political life.

The Occupy movement heralds the emergence of a much broader movement of working people internationally. But the emergence of open social conflict, for the first time in several decades, raises historical and political questions that need to be answered.

This includes above all the nature and role of those arguing for “no politics” and a ban on political demands and programmes. It is through such means that various individuals and organisations seek to conceal their own political agenda, generally involving opposition to the development of an independent, socialist movement in the working class. Their aim is to direct the movement behind the trade union bureaucracy and, ultimately, the Labour Party.

A new programme and perspective is required, one based on the independent interests of the working class, the vast majority of the world’s population. The ISSE welcomes all those concerned with these issues to attend our public meetings to discuss the relationship between social equality and socialism, and what the history of the socialist movement has to teach a new generation entering into political struggle.

Tuesday 29 November, 5pm
The Fishbowl @ Sheffield Hallam University Students’ Union
(The Hubs), Paternoster Row, S1 2QQ
Thursday 8 December, 5pm
University of Sheffield
The Octagon Centre, Council Chamber
Western Bank, S10 2TQ

Thursday 1 December, 5pm
Southampton University
John Roberts Room, Staff Social Centre
Highfield Campus, SO17 1BJ

Thursday December 1, 7pm
University of Glasgow
Room LT 412, Boyd Orr Building
University Ave
G21 6QQ