Public meetings in Germany

Greece, the crisis of the Euro and the dictatorship of finance

The European debt crisis is a mechanism to intensify the exploitation of the working class, decimate government social spending, slash wages and re-establish the types of exploitation which prevailed in the initial stages of capitalism.

A progressive resolution of the crisis is possible only on the basis of transforming existing property relations. The banks, large corporations and major private fortunes must be expropriated, subjected to democratic control and devoted to serving society as a whole. Social needs must take precedence over the drive for profit.

A socialist perspective can be realized in the economically and socially closely knit continent of Europe only through the close international collaboration of the working class. The aim must be to build the United Socialist States of Europe.

The Partei für Soziale Gleichheit (PSG) and the ISSE are holding a series of meetings to discuss these topics.

Montag, 28. November, 18:30 Uhr
TU Berlin, Raum EB 107 (Erweiterungsbau)
Straße des 17. Juni 145, 10623 Berlin

Mittwoch, 14. Dezember, 18:30 Uhr
Asta-Café, Universitätsstr. 16, Köln