Letters from our readers

On “US-Russian tensions mount


It is astonishing how the unresolved issues of the last century continue into ours. There is a Russian armada sailing to protect Syria and missiles have arrived trained seaward to protect Russia’s port on the coast of Syria. That makes Hellfire missiles knocking out installations and command centers as in Libya less likely. Meanwhile, as in Libya, Quatar is messing about bringing Libyan killers and their own to do their dirty business in regime change. Russia filed a severe diplomatic protest and pulled its ambassador from the country after an incident at the airport. Then there is Turkey ready to turn Syria into a protectorate. I leave out the Zionists, deep into a colonial project suitable to the nineteenth century and losing the plot altogether.


It is altogether reminiscent of the Tangiers Crisis of 1905 when the Kaiser appeared personally with his gunships to face off against an alliance that resembles that which the United States cobbled together of late. As now there were over a decade of negotiations conferences, and assurances before the big guns began firing and poison gas started falling.


As you know, an incident can lead to the most terrible war, which destroys productive forces and human beings. I was born two years after World War II in the Jewish Ghetto and experienced the bombing and massacre during the Revolution of 1956, so I dread what is coming and earnestly hope that the working class, with a far worse leadership than the very worst scoundrels before World War I, comes to realize its power in time.


Toronto, Canada
6 December 2011


On “Italy: Technocrat Monti introduces new drastic austerity package


Thanks for your excellent coverage of the Monti cuts and the sellout by the Italian Union confederation in response to the same. EU leaders praised the cuts since they would not effect them. It’s now up to the Italian people to rise in tremendous protest and throw Monti and his scumbag government into the sea. Let’s fervently hope they will and can do this!

Steve H
Massachusetts, USA
6 December 2011



On “Bonn conference on Afghanistan dominated by crisis and pessimism


Thank you for reporting on Bonn Conference, a cocktail party organized by Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves; I expected a more pungent BBQ from the WSWS perspective.


I also expected the WSWS to take a blunt position in exposing the neo-colonial agenda of the foreign occupation forces in Afghanistan, highlighting the 33-points declaration of the Bonn Conference.


I expected the WSWS to unveil the ugly faces of thugs when they put the burden on other nations, asking Pakistan and Iran to bear the expenses of Afghan refugees. Around four million Afghans took refuge in Pakistan in 1979, and Pakistan is still feeding some three million refugees from its meager resources. UNHCR and WFP provided some food-aid assistance to Afghan refugees in Pakistan, but as it sounds in the Bonn Conference even this small component is going to be stopped. This is like exerting financial pressure on to the already destabilized country through covert operations. One can easily see that Pakistan has been stretched to an extreme, and she is expected to provide the dirty jobs to Uncle Sam.


I sincerely hope that the next WSWS article would cover more solid facts about the war crimes that have been committed by US/NATO forces in Afghanistan as well as in Pakistan for satisfying their colonial and predatory interests.


The end-game, as they label it, has started in this region and the most dangerous era is about to begin, experts say. With the involvement of China in Pakistan and its interest in Baltistan, it seems that a time-bomb will explode in the shape of a deadly war between two rival teams: US-India-Afghanistanvs. Pakistan-China.


Mahmood A
Islamabad, Pakistan
6 December 2011



On “The New York Times and the privatization of Medicare


It seems to me that only ideas our politicians can come up with sound like welfare for the insurance companies. Just take from the poor and give to the rich.


Oklahoma, USA
6 December 2011