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On “Obama plays the populist card


In explaining the economic crisis, Obama said, “It combined the breathtaking greed of a few with irresponsibility all across the system.” Greed is part of the capitalist system. Even when they’re not crowing “Greed is good!” from the rooftops, the capitalist class always views a certain amount of greed as a virtue. And, when has and how could it ever be that no “irresponsible” action (or, more likely, inaction) won’t be a concern in the day-to-day affairs of the economy?

Obama has essentially admitted that capitalism is doomed to failure. Even more, aside from the personalities of top-dog greedy capitalists or overworked, underpaid, too-easily-cowed functionaries and bureaucrats, the capitalist system itself has run its course; it’s a bankrupt system and the people of the world are faced with the decision of moving forward through the working class taking power or going backwards to fascism, barbarism, and mass death.


Jacqui P
Indiana, USA
8 December 2011

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Excellent article by Jerry White. Right on target!


Daniel K
Vancouver, Canada
8 December 2011

On “US officials threaten Russia amid post-election protests

I was watching the bourgeois news coverage of those protests and it seemed they were trying not to show footage of the crowd as a whole but only small segments for a few seconds max. Even then they couldn’t hide the red flags and the general red color within the crowd.


9 December 2011

On “Notes on the social crisis in America

I’m shocked to hear this level of poverty in America. It shows how gentrification can make this situation not obvious for some. Gentrification is a result of a largely speculative housing market that bids up the real estate in areas with a better economy.


8 December 2011