Letters from our readers

On “Christmas of crisis in America


“While Mr. Weill and Ms. Rybolovleva are among the ‘job creators’ celebrated by American politicians, Democrats and Republicans, who oppose raising taxes on the super-rich, neither of them provided employment on that scale. And if anything, the demeaning employment of chauffeurs, doormen, maids and security men who serve the whims of such billionaires constitutes a drain on society, not a benefit.”


Agree entirely; in London the Blair government welcomed these rich oligarchs who now block up the streets in certain rich avenues having basements installed to house gyms and home cinemas.


23 December 2011

On “The lamentations of the rich

Amen, and a Merry Christmas to all.


Kamilla V
British Columbia, Canada
22 December 2011



This economic situation has been building for a long time. Back in the 1960s I was going to business school. To me it seemed like in business law they were teaching me how to steal from the working man. They were teaching me how to write ironclad contracts to make sure that the working man had no outs no matter how the banks screwed them. With the backing of the law they have about ruined the nation. That is not to say that it was not always in bad shape and how good it was just depended on your social standing, race and how well you obeyed your bosses.


Oklahoma, USA
22 December 2011

On “The Russian Socialist Movement—a political trap for the working class

The appraisal of the RSM shows that it is more synonymous with that of Anna’s movement in India, a right-wing movement, which in no way relates with that of socialism or working class, in which majority are middle class radicals and ex-bureaucrats. Also, the left cover is completely stripped bare and they are nothing but direct agents of imperialism, trying to be a political trap for the working class and toiling masses in broader perspective.


Sathish K
23 December 2011

On “That Deadman Dance—an imaginative story about indigenous Australians and European settlers

Thanks for drawing attention to an historical novel I would probably not hear about otherwise. Those to do with other “white” settler states can be particularly useful to us Canadians.


All the best!


Susan C
22 December 2011