Socialist Equality Party and Committee Against Utility Shutoffs

Emergency Meeting: Stop Detroit Budget Cuts! Billions for jobs, education and housing!

Detroit’s Democratic Mayor Dave Bing is demanding sweeping wage and benefit cuts from city workers and the elimination of 1,000 public employees. The cuts threaten to shred what little remains of services in Detroit, which has been long hit by the shutdown of factories, schools, fire stations and libraries.


At the same time, 41,000 Michigan residents have been cut off of welfare, and hundreds of thousands in the Detroit metropolitan area face a winter with no heat and lights because of utility shutoffs. This as President Obama cuts billions from home heating assistance.


With workers facing the worst catastrophe since the Great Depression, the only thing being debated by the Democrats and Republicans in Washington is how best to slash trillions more from social programs. Like their counterparts around the world, the politicians in the US claim there is no money for social needs while the corporations and banks sit on record amounts of cash and the wealthiest one percent engages in an orgy of self-enrichment.


This meeting is being called to initiate a fight back and to build a political movement of the working class, independent of the two big business parties, to put an end to social inequality and secure the social rights of all workers to good-paying jobs, decent schools and neighborhoods. We invite all workers, students and young people to attend.


Saturday, December 17, 2-4pm
Community House
18966 Greenfield Rd
Detroit, MI 48235

To contact CAUS:

PO Box 48377
Oak Park, MI 48237