Mehring Books launches holiday sale

Mehring Books is pleased to announce its 2011 holiday sale. This year dozens of titles and sale bundles are discounted at savings ranging from 10 to 50 percent. Just about every title in our inventory is marked down, so now is a great time to add Marxist classics to your library or purchase gifts for friends.

Our sale bundles provide selections of basic works on related themes at discounted prices. They are designed both for those new to socialism and for those who wish to expand their knowledge of Marxism.

Sale items include:

Works by and on Leon Trotsky

In Defense of Leon Trotsky (now $11.95)
Revolution Betrayed (now $10.95)
Leon Trotsky on China (now $27.95)
The Spanish Revolution (now $9.95)
In Defense of Marxism (now $22.50)
My Life (now $17.06)

The Russian Revolution

Witnesses to Permanent Revolution (now $29.95)
History of the Russian Revolution (now $32.40)
The Bolsheviks Come to Power (now $16.20)
The Bolsheviks in Power (now $25.20)

Works by Vadim Rogovin

1937 Stalin’s Year of Terror (now $17.95)
Stalin’s Terror of 1937-38 (now $17.95)


Tragedy of the Chinese Revolution (now $21.50)
Revolution and Counterrevolution in Spain (now $20.70)

Art and Culture

Art as the Cognition of Life (now $17.95)
Red Star Over Russia (now $45.00)
Literature and Revolution (now $14.40)
And much more...

Take advantage of big savings on these sale bundles:

Security and Fourth International(now $22.50)

Socialist Starter (now $15.00)
Stalin’s Terror (now $29.95)
Socialist Equality Party (now $22.50)
Selected Works of Trotsky (now $25.00)
Marxist Economics (now $11.50)
Marxist Theory (now $25.00)