Letters from our readers

On “Sri Lankan army instigates violence against Jaffna SEP members


I support the brave and principled struggle waged by the Sri Lankan SEP. The courage of its members is an inspiration. No one else will lead the way forward. Be steadfast and endure!


Ed H
Virginia, USA
29 January 2012

On “Cooper Tire workers in UK express solidarity with Ohio struggle


To my brothers and sisters: Unless we actually make a clean and irrevocable break with the trade unions who are tied to the capitalist system by a thousand strings, international unions cannot even unite on a local level, let alone an international grouping of union leaders.


There may be many reasons why workers cannot break with these organizations, including pseudo-left parties that will have us believe that these corrupt organizations can be reformed. These deceitful functionaries are waiting in the wings for their chance to join the union hierarchy.


The way forward is to build rank-and-file committees of action to initiate lines of communication and to organise our own action in defense of jobs, wages, and conditions. I urge all workers to contact the Socialist Equality Party, as I believe they are the only workers organization in the world today willing to fight today—as their track record shows.


If we are to succeed in changing the situation we find ourselves in, a turn to meeting social need must be fought for in struggle. That is the fight for socialism.


Julian H
28 January 2012

On “Obama’s Jobs Council promotes pro-corporate policies


I have long read your articles and have seldom written to compliment.


This, as others, reads as an annotation to the political double-speak and deliberate obfuscation in a published document as to recommended policies put together by such lap-dog “councils”, committees and whatnot that pave the way for future implementing, and in thinking about “future implementing”, consider how much has been implemented in the past and present—the last point here is not to attempt reference to corporate gains, but the relentless grasping that it has already established, one I can’t help but include is the wonder of General Electric “engineers” who have succeeded in avoiding corporate taxes.


Michael S
30 January 2012

On “Antiwar ‘Lefts’ embrace ultra-right Republican candidate Ron Paul


This valuable article should be re-run, or a follow-up put out. Especially given the still-in-the-top-four contenders for office position of Paul this cycle. He’s gained even more traction since Obama’s gotten into office and there’s a lot of confusion about what exactly Paul represents.


Many of the same issues are being brought up in this campaign, such as the racist screeds put out under his name, and this time he’s being given a platform from which to “explain” himself on these issues. In light of the crash, his connections with and responsibility for the policies leading to the current situation also need to be more broadly exposed.


Christie S
Washington, USA
29 January 2012