Letters from our readers

On “Millions for Volkswagen CEO, no money for European migrants


I cannot believe what is happening in this world. The working people and the poor are no longer receiving minor benefits to stay alive. I thought all of the European countries had health care, which is much better than in the US, but if you cannot receive benefits to keep you in a house and alive, this world is going to hell in a handbasket. It’s going to take a revolution, and I can see it coming down the road. I guess it has to get bad enough, enough people not eating well, lack of housing, etc., for the average workers to believe that the capitalists are not looking out for them.


Patricia G

16 March 2012


On “Unemployment, wage cuts destroy living standards of millions in Greece

Just to let WSWS readers know that at the same time that Greeks are being driven back into the Dark Ages by the EU, and in particular by Chancellor Merkel of Germany and President Sarkozy of France, that Merkel has told the Greek government it must honour all existing arms purchase contracts. This means Greece must buy 1 billion euros’ worth of arms. Full details of the UK Daily Telegraph article can be seen here:



Greece is one of the world’s biggest spenders on armaments and defence. It spends just over 3 percent of its GDP on defence: this takes up a bigger proportion of its budget than for any other EU country.


In other news, medical services in Greece have become run down enough that there has been an outbreak of malaria in the southern part of the country. This is truly astounding to hear, that Greeks are being forced to suffer for the continued benefit of the German and French governments.


Jennifer H

17 March 2012


On “20 million could lose employer coverage under Obama health care overhaul

The 20 million figure should come as no surprise to anyone unless one thinks it is too low. Under the capitalist system of maximizing profits this only makes sense. I know that my employer pays well over $2,000 per year on my health benefits and I’m sure it’s that way for most employer-sponsored health plans, especially any that are decent. Employers will do their best to either drop insurance or switch to cheaper plans that will be all but worthless to the employees. This will push more people onto the open market where they will also be unable to afford decent insurance. Obama promised change and I guess change for the worse counts for keeping his promise.



Maryland, USA

17 March 2012


* * *


More details obscured in the propaganda surrounding the CBO/JCT recalculated cost projections concern the number of non-elderly persons who will remain uninsured. Those who cannot obtain ESI or coverage on state insurance exchanges “are now expected to obtain coverage from Medicaid or CHIP or from nongroup or other sources.” Adding, “More are expected to be uninsured.”


The CBO/JCT now “expects” 26 to 27 million non-elderly persons to be uninsured in 2016. This is up from original projections of 23 million by 2019. Medicaid and CHIP programs are controlled by state governments. As recent events in Texas have shown, access to reproductive health services can be destroyed on the whim of one reactionary politician. Nationally, access to reproductive health services are under increased control of religious special interests.

State Medicaid programs, with increasing pressure for in-state funding due to reduced federal program support, are reducing reimbursements to providers and barring childless adults from services altogether. In Arizona, for example, reimbursements have been cut 10 percent and Medicaid rolls will purge 100,000 childless adults by the end of this year. Arizona’s draconian immigration laws could result in extending denial of care to tens of thousands of children, as well as their immigrant parents, who have been receiving health care service through Medicaid.


Consistent with the Obama administration’s preference for healthy profits over a healthy population, the HHS has determined half the seats on the governing boards of the states’ insurance exchange programs can be occupied by for-profit insurance industry representatives. This guarantees the continued domination of consumers’ health care choices by a commercial industry that profits by denying health care to people who need it most.

What we need, as a first step toward a nationalized, socialized, health care system, is Medicare-for-All, Single Payer health care.



17 March 2012


On “The Kandahar massacre and the fight against war


You are doing good work, especially with articles such as the recent one on the massacre in Afghanistan. I live in Germany, originally from the UK, half my family in the US, half in the UK. It’s sad that our two countries choose the path of global imperialism. Your paper does a lot to bring about awareness and does so with balance and clear perspective. More people are reading articles from your web page than you may think.

I wish you all continued success in your important work.



Gratefully yours,



19 March 2012


On “WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange speaks with WSWS

Julian has high hopes if he thinks that governments can be swayed by simply putting pressure on the bought and paid-for politicians of the financial elite. This certainly does not underscore the work WikiLeaks has achieved in bringing truthful journalism to our homes.


One just need look at the response of the US government towards its own people. Coming to power against the right-wing Republican Party headed by the hated George Bush, Obama has sanctioned himself as Supreme Leader with the authority to assassinate anybody, anywhere, anytime.


Only through the establishment of a workers’ state can we bring these war criminals to justice and bring true equality to all.


Julian H


18 March 2012