Letters from our readers

On “New York Times’ Bill Keller sets ground rules for next war



One must constantly reconsider that the behavior of the New York Times, not to mention other major US media outlets, may likely be explained by a continuing relationship between the paper, or its top editors or other influential NYT journalists, and US intelligence agencies of the kind that Carl Bernstein wrote about in Rolling Stone magazine in 1977, the one relationship that was never discussed by the US Church Committee except in a token fashion. Bernstein’s article is instructive to reread.


21 March 2012

On “China’s military spending surpasses $100 billion


Thank you, Mr. Chan, for your educative article on Chinese military spending to match its rival, the US. In my view, the US succeeded in toppling the Stalinist Soviet Union by engaging it in an arms race. Knowingly or unknowingly, the US bourgeoisie, through its ruling elite, strive to achieve the same results, i.e. toppling the Chinese bureaucracy and replacing it with a Libyan-style stooge government to dominate the population...

China, which is the workshop of our world, has victimized its labour force in a manner that is unprecedented in a nation state. It will further oppress its working class in its journey towards facing the threat by the US bourgeoisie. On the other hand, the US government, which is the most repressive of the working class when compared with all the other nation states on our planet, is further tightening its grip on its labour force. This is now well exposed by the fact of how the Obama government treated undocumented workers in that country after 2008…

The oppressed masses in our world must counter these dilapidated states irrespective of the fact that they possess nuclear arsenals that are more than enough to sweep humanity out of this planet. In this context, the November election in the United States is very important to oppressed people in our world including the US. The SEP’s message needs to be effectively communicated to the masses there in order to influence the rest of the international working class, to prepare it to salvage the humanity from its present doldrums. This is how we should make China’s huge investment on its military build-up meaningful… Thank you for your excellent article.


Sri Lanka
19 March 2012

On “New attacks on contraceptive access follow Obama cave-in on issue”


The USA ranks past 40th from the top in maternal deaths during childbirth. Mothers are dying in baby delivery. Now they won’t help women get contraception which means more women will die in childbirth needlessly.


Kim H
19 March 2012

On “Gunman kills four at Jewish school in Toulouse, France


Further news that the weapon used at this mass shooting was the same as the one used to kill the African men earlier suggests there is indeed a neo-Nazi campaign condoned by the military and/or other right-wing elements in the French political and cultural establishment. Are the police dragging their feet on this as the German police did with the neo-Nazi cell in eastern Germany last year? Which group will be targeted next? Perhaps North Africans, Arabs, Vietnamese and other Asians should be on the alert for an attack against them.


Jennifer H
20 March 2012

On “US Supreme Court issues reactionary rulings on warrants and interrogations


The historical account is extremely invaluable. Thanks for explaining this process so well in easy to understand terms.


20 March 2012

On “Australian police Taser attack kills Brazilian student



“Shirtless Brazilian man was wearing a shirt”—according to the original media release by NSW police.


Why are we being told two stories? Eyewitness said “shirtless man”. Police state that he was wearing a shirt. (Here is the link.)

Alan S
21 March 2012