Letters from our readers

On “The award-winning A Separation and the humanity of the Iranian people


Just wanted to say that this article has reminded me to be proud that I am a socialist and proud to be a human being.


Bryan D
30 March 2012


After I read the recent perspective on A Separation, I got some friends together to watch the film. They said that they were really struck by the society that was depicted in it, since usually in the media Iran is portrayed as a backward, primitive country. We all agreed that the threat of war with Iran was something to take very seriously.


Zachary N
2 April 2012


Great article Mr. Walsh. Will it be translated into Farsi?


By the way, and this is a small anecdote, but at the Charles Theater in Baltimore A Separation has been showing for at least five weeks now. When my Persian wife and I tried to go two weeks ago, to our surprise, it was sold out. So despite the small numbers overall, it is being seen by a significant number of middle class liberal types in this area.


Michael M
30 March 2012

On “In wake of Syria peace plan, US steps up bid for regime-change


Quite right, WSWS is one of the few Internet sites, and media outlets at large, that recognise the Syrian “rebellion” as Libya Mk 2. Basically the same tactics of the same imperialist powers involved the first time, with the addition of Turkey, which is playing an additional role of trying to strengthen its influence in the region. Of course imperialist tactics have to be nuanced somewhat, because both Russia and China have now wised up to the game played by the US and the “international community” aided by the UN.

It is still a matter of wonder at the naiveté of both those powers to be not only fooled by the text of the Security Council resolution, but also ignoring a threat to their investments and influence in Libya.

To sum up, the “international community” headed by Washington is playing a ruthless but clever game, whose end goal is the toppling of the Iranian régime.


29 March 2012

On “Australian police Taser attack kills Brazilian student

I would like to congratulate World Socialist Web Site for this report; a serious, impartial and humanitarian analysis of an incident involving the inability of the Australian police to deal with daily situations. We hope they realize what they did and retreat.


Bento C
31 March 2012

On austerity in Italy

The illegal government of Monti in Italy has every political bandit-like party supporting a mafia-style government, completely illegal in every democratic sense of the word. The union and the PD party have collaborated in a manner not seen since the 1948 coup d’état with the mafia and the direct intervention of the CIA and all the branches of the American military forces. A number of suicides have occurred all over Italy and recently a desperate person set themselves on fire publicly. There is no leadership and the population throughout even the most prosperous regions is starting to go hungry with no help available from the social service, church or any other charitable organization. The heartbreaking condition and the collaboration of the union bureaucracy offers no resistance more than “four-hour strikes”... Pathetically so...!


Martin F
30 March 2012