Letters from our readers

On “Defend Günter Grass!



Gunter Grass does receive the respect and high regard from all intelligent Israelis who realise the fundamental risks their government is taking with threats of a strike against Iran. Many understand the tragic consequences to world stability as a result of a strike by Israel, and hopefully the delusional minds of politicians (both in Iran and in Israel) will ultimately find some sense in dealing with this crisis in a sensible way to avoid a catastrophic human nightmare.


Nick LV
8 April 2012


The sooner people see the truths from this poem, the closer we become to a more peaceful world.


This message has been a long time coming.


8 April 2012

On “‘Friends of Syria’—the antechamber of a wider Mideast war


Amy Goodman at Democracy Now refuses to report the information you have here. I requested numerous times that DN should stop promoting war in Syria. They won’t. I had to unsubscribe.


Kim H
7 April 2012

On “The Bain Capital debate


Dear Barry Grey,


Even though this perspective was posted in January, I’d like to thank you for it now. I keep various stories such as this and return to them. My computer must have thousands, and much of them are WSWS’s.


In particular, in this, the sixth paragraph question, “Really?” to the proposal that... “linking the practices of firms such as Bain Capital to the capitalist system as a whole is ‘absurd.’”


I won’t suggest, nor would I write “What bullshit,” in anything I’d publish, but doing so is tempting and the “really” is adequate. The tone in reply to the statement of the New York Times suffices for the level of intelligence of your readers. The only suggestion would be to say something about the intelligence of the readers of that newspaper who would read their status quo mouthpiece prop-up.


The problem is that the status quo is such the standard that it does go about itself with unquestioned authority. All part of the arrogance, only surpassed by the hypocrisy of the current two aggressive spokeswomen for the American enterprise, Hillary Clinton and Susan Rice.

Will the former issue some kind of comment of astonishment for the latest released document/video of Blackwater’s run-of-the-mill running amuck in Iraq, or piously also say that the latest documented revelation of covertly training Iranian operatives in America (Nevada) to undertake covert terrorist operations—under the previous administration—was not under the present administration and therefore is irrelevant?


The SEP not only has my vote, but my promotion for the presidential election.


Michael S
7 April 2012

On “Friends with Kids: To whom does this apply?


Dear Comrade,

Your reviews on movies, novels or music and decadence have made me see all these art forms present and past critically and also to identify the good art from the decadent. Also, your criticism is thoroughly on an objective basis and the novels (eg: Adam Bede and the George Elliot renaissance, the Charles Dickens renaissance, etc.) you recommend to read takes a person to a real, higher intellectual level. Also, the art you show as crap really is, and reflect the backwardness and pathetic situation of social layers that promote them.

The examples you give are blunt hard truths. How will the so-called lefts, whose luxurious living is dependent upon their Wall Street income in the form of shares, have a critical thought about it…?

One more line, which I liked the most in one of your interviews, was that America exports mainly two important things: one is warplanes, and the other one is cinema….

Thanks for all these.


9 April 2012